April Fools Day – Best Ever Internet Pranks

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Tricks aren’t just for kids when it comes to April Fools Day internet pranks. In fact, the first of April could be the perfect time to connect with your customers – and generate some great conversation online. Take a hint from some of the heavy hitters online; these are some of our favorite April Fools … Continued

How to Setup Access to Your Social Media for a Digital Agency

Reading Time: 6 minutes

One of the things we deal with on a regular basis is getting access to Social Media accounts for businesses. There are nuances to each of the different social networks that make accomplishing such a task nearly impossible at times. The biggest goal we have when setting these things up is making sure the clients … Continued

3 Women’s Finance Websites For the Female Entrepreneur

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Ladies it’s no secret we make superb business executives. With self made millionaires like Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah running the show, there’s no shortage of famous female entrepreneurs that we can a learn from. But whether you’ve got business goals on large or small scales, harnessing control over your finances is key to becoming … Continued

NeONBRAND’s Grow My Instagram

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JD Dodds, NeONBRAND’s very own coding connoisseur works to stay inventive in an industry of the next best thing. Our developer for iPhone Apps and large web applications, JD hasn’t slept a wink in weeks with the development of our latest web application, Grow My Instagram. Grow My Instagram, unlike those cheap, phony baloney instalike … Continued

Getting over the Hump in Social Media

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Social media is a driving force in internet marketing. Harnessing the potential of this lucrative medium can be tricky. Getting over the hump on your social media presence may take time, however, there are tools to help.

The Social Revolution 2014

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Sure, the industrial revolution changed the world, but the current new world order is all about social. Social networking, social sharing, social linking – the possibilities (and the links!) are endless. These days, social media has taken over every aspect of life – from planning an event to purchasing a product to connecting with your … Continued

SEO: Social Engine Optimization? Top 5 Reasons Infographic

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With conflicting information coming from the Mr. Google Spam (this video vs. this video), we wanted to flesh out some of the ways social media can benefit your search engine optimization efforts and decided to lay it out in this little infojpg to break it down for us. Share this Image On Your Site (copy … Continued

Instagram: Not Just for Selfies Anymore

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Darwin once suggested that the survival of a species depended on its adaptability to its ever changing environment. The same can be said about business. Businesses have the obligation to keep up with the times to ensure its survival. Social media has been the saving grace for a lot of businesses that perhaps don’t have … Continued

Facebook: The Link Sharing Network

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As a social media specialist it’s important for me to stay up on the latest, which can be a little tricky in an industry that’s so young and unpredictable. But these shifting sands aren’t only perilous for me. The social media companies themselves have to adapt or die. Being cool and relevant today most definitely … Continued

3 Tips for Better Social Media Pictures

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As we have mentioned before, attractive, high quality images are key to Las Vegas social media success. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Instagram or LinkedIn; you want all of your pictures in tip-top shape. This can be an intimidating reality for some people, but you don’t need to go out and buy a $700 … Continued

4 Social Media Trends for 2014 You Should Know About

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It’s a new year in Fabulous Las Vegas, and we at NeONBRAND are making some predictions about what’s to come in the year 2014. Take a look at these four social media trends that we believe are destined to dominate social media. Social Media Trends: It’s All About Images This is probably no surprise to anyone reading. Last year … Continued

What No One Tells You about Marketing with Social Media

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Social media is the new wave of marketing.  Of course, it isn’t all that new, but it certainly isn’t as tried and true as print, radio, and television.  The thing is, though it may be relatively new, it is not going anywhere.  It is here to stay, and it is changing every day.  These two … Continued

5 Tips to Help You Use Social Media Effectively

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Most businesses are using social media to try to grow their business, but many are not using social media effectively.  You can do a whole lot of work with very little return if you are not careful.  There is a method to the madness that involves much more than a few random Tweets, Pins, or … Continued

How to Get Content Shared Across Social Media: Part 2

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In the previous post we discussed the largest piece of the “get content shared” puzzle.  That would be the actual content itself.  There are other pieces however, that though considerably smaller are no less important. What else can be done to encourage readers to share, pin, retweet, and +1? Make it Visual The visuals are … Continued

How to Get Content Shared Across Social Media: Part 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the new rules in the game of SEO, social media is a big player.  In fact, how much your brand is interacted with across social media, meaning how much it is liked, shared, or commented on, means a lot to Google when it comes to where your site ranks in search results.  We understand … Continued

Should You Do Social Media Marketing on YouTube?

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Viral Marketing. Take Gangnam Style, David at the Dentist, and even that crazy dramatic squirrel. They all give the same message: YouTube is the perfect breeding ground for viral marketing. Video works well as a marketing medium because they’re short, to-the-point, and more likely to capture your audience’s interest than text or graphics. But before … Continued

Elite 8 of Social Media

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With March Madness in full swing around here, we’ve decided to get in on the action by naming our own Elite Eight – of social media, that is. What makes a business socially great? How about frequent updates, relevant content, engaging posts, and creating customer involvement? We’ve nominated a few of our favorite “performers” here: … Continued

6 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

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You may be gung-ho to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities presented by social media. That said, many businesses end up putting the cart before the proverbial horse when implementing a social strategy. We get it; you’re excited. But social media marketing without strategy and understanding can be a waste of time and resources. … Continued

Facebook: Not Just For the Kiddies

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Are you shirking your business’s Facebook duties based on the excuse that the social media demographic is just too young? Well, that might have been the case a few years ago, but not so in our socially-accepted social world.

Improving Your Facebook Posts Tip #3: Practice Diversity

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We’re not trying to get all politically correct here, but diversity is key when it comes to social media marketing. And we’re not talking about ethnicities, religions, or creeds. We’re talking about your content. Are you posting everyday about a specific product or feature? Are you asking every Friday about weekend plans? Well, we have … Continued

Improving Your Facebook Posts Tip #2: Timing

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Just like dancing, Facebook posting is all about the timing – and some glitter never hurt, either. So if your business posts aren’t resulting in the engagement you had in mind, maybe it’s time to think about your timing. Your content might be spot-on, but, as any comedian will tell you, those words will fall … Continued

Improving Your Facebook Posts One Tip at a Time

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Ever heard the phrase, “I never forget a face?” Well, these days, it would be more correct to say, “I never forget Facebook.” Improving your Facebook posts can mean real money to your bottom line. That’s right, a new study is out and it asserts that people remember Facebook posts and photos with greater clarity … Continued

Big Bad Social Media

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Social Media? Uh oh… we said the S word. Stop! Don’t head for the door. Social media may seem “trendy,” but it also facilitates the easiest and cheapest exposure you can get for your business. Why then, are so many companies afraid to take the plunge into all things … Continued

Happy Birthday to Your iPhone

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been only five short years since Apple entered the mobile phone market with the release of the iPhone.  I remember the very first time I saw one. I kept poking it and shaking it like a Neanderthal. Five years later, with 200 million of them sold and over 30 … Continued