social media trends 2014

It’s a new year in Fabulous Las Vegas, and we at NeONBRAND are making some predictions about what’s to come in the year 2014. Take a look at these four social media trends that we believe are destined to dominate social media.

This is probably no surprise to anyone reading. Last year we witnessed the rise of image-based social media. Networks like Instagram and Snapchat exploded into popularity. Older and larger companies like Facebook and Twitter were quick to adapt, tweaking and twirking (there’s another trend of 2013) their platforms to center more fully around images.

No doubt about it: image is king for 2014. It’s time to really learn what your market finds attractive and visually engaging.

Also, Videos

Again, no surprises here. Vine was unleashed in January of 2013, and I say unleashed because it was only a matter of months until it was the most-used video sharing application in town. Andby in town, I mean in the universe. Not to be outdone, Instagram introduced its 15 second video feature in June later that year. And thennn! In December Facebook introduced videos that would stream automatically in news feeds, which is super annoying. But hey! Social media trends.

Point is, video. Because everyone is doing it. (The best reason to do anything, right?)

Cough It Up

We’ve seen another trend that breaks our little social media hearts: social media is no long free. As big companies continue to focus on big profits, their algorithms focus more and more on those willing to pay for their exposure. I like to stick it to The Man as much as the next guy, but reality is reality. You need to be willing to beef up your  social media budget.

Blog It Up

In the mad rush for awesome social media, lets not forget the good old blog. It’s been a staple,and by our predictions it will continue to be. As SEO throws more and more points at social media, be sure to keep your blog updated with fresh content and then post that crap on your favorite networks. You want your webpage on there frequently because duh. That’s the point of all of this.

Until next time, this is NeONBRAND signing off and wishing you the best from Fabulous Las Vegas.