How to Make Your $1 Photos Awesome


In our previous posts we’ve shown you where to find affordable images and how to optimize images for the web. Now we know there are a lot of times when you want to take those awesomely optimized photos and add a bit of your own flavor to it, but let’s face it: who has time to […]

Death of the Stock Photo

The Death of The Stock Photo

Or at least the ridiculously overpriced ones. You know as well as we do: a good article is only as good as the photos used to illustrate it. That’s why finding attractive, interesting and captivating photos (that don’t require taking out a second mortgage on your home) is a huge part of any effective website or content […]

Vegas SEO Meetup

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  Keep the Conversation Going There’s no point in meeting up just once a month. Let’s continue the conversation and figure out SEO in 2015. We’re using this post to document every step of the way of teaching Las Vegas how great SEO is done. What Questions do you have? I’m Andrew, and I help […]

How to Setup Kraken Plugin for WordPress

How to Optimize Images with Kraken.IO

What You’ll Learn Locating and Setting up Kraken on WordPress Before/After Sample API Key/Secret Getting Started with Kraken Bulk Optimization Single Image Optimization Lossy vs Lossless The Technical Difference The Fundamental Difference Free vs Paid Free Paid Conclusion Kraken is a tool that optimizes images without sacrificing quality. And it’s pretty incredible. You almost can’t tell the […]

NeONBRAND’s Top 3 “Tips” Posts of 2014

Top 3

At NeONBRAND we like to share our knowledge of winning SEO practices. Much of our work, including meet ups, online groups and our blog posts are dedicated to helping other SEOs reach their goals. In this post we’ll cover our top 3 “Tips” posts of 2014 that offered helpful information to our audience. We hope you’ve […]