5 Reasons You Need a Good Web Designer

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These days, your website isn’t just an add-on to your business; for many companies, a website is the very foundation of their business. That’s why building your website well from the start is so important – not to mention finding the right designer to do just that. After all, you wouldn’t pour the foundation for […]

4 Common Web Design Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Common Web Design Mistakes

Your website might look great, but if it’s not usable, your customers probably won’t care about your cool photography, awesome flash animation and killer videos. That’s why, sometimes, it’s important to head back to the beginning – and make sure that your website is delivering on one basic promise: it’s easy to use. Common Web […]

6 Ways to be Successful on Twitter

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So you’re exploring the world of social media marketing for your business. Congratulations! That said, you might not know exactly how to tailor your social media presence to each platform. That’s where we can help. Twitter tips! If you’re new to Twitter, this mega-powerful platform can do wonders for your business – if you know […]

Make a Joke! 4 Reasons to be Funny on Social Media

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If there’s one thing we get asked a lot by businesses attempting to “get social,” it’s “What do I post?” While there’s no end to the types of content you can post (and see successful results from) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’re particularly fond of humor. That said, many businesses are afraid to be […]

Facebook Video – New Targeting Options

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If you’ve got a business page on Facebook, there’s no doubt you already know the benefits of video marketing. Videos not only get a whole lot of play (no pun intended) on the social media giant, but they also encourage more comments, likes and interaction. Facebook Video Tageting Well, now there’s even more reasons to […]