How to Completely Disable a WordPress Plugin Update

How to Completely Disable a WordPress Plugin Update

Around here we build all of our sites to handle 99.99999% of all updates that come along, including updates to the WordPress core, themes and plugins. We do that by making sure we follow a strict programming structure that will comply with those updates, like using child themes and not modifying anything in plugin files. This is […]

How to Post Your WordPress Blog

how to post to your wordpress blog

So you’re finally using WordPress – Awesome! WordPress is absolutely the best tool out there for self-publishing. Even if you’re new to the platform, you probably know that WordPress originated as a blog platform. Although it’s evolved to much more, its blogging capabilities are pretty stellar. In fact, there’s hardly anything that you can’t do […]

Beware the Wrath of Google!

google bobile site

If you thought Google was your friend, you’re right – but only if you happen to have a mobile-friendly website. Or at least that’s how it’s going to be later this month. That’s right, Google has announced that, come April 21, those non-mobile friendly sites will be sent to the back of the line, so […]

Mobile Optimization: 5 Tragic Mistakes

las vegas mobile optimization

Looking to mobile optimize your site? Good. We already told you about Google’s new plot to destroy the non-mobile optimized website (okay, maybe it’s not as malicious as that), but just because you have a mobile version of your site doesn’t mean you’re out of the proverbial woods (or even off Google’s blacklist). In fact, […]

Social Media Meetup – Link Roundup!

Google URL Builder

Today we had a great Social Media Meetup with a bunch of awesome attendees! Thanks to all who came. Here’s a little link roundup on the things we discussed: Las Vegas SEO Meetup: Don’t forget we also run the Las Vegas SEO Meetup every first Tuesday at 12:00, and there’s free pizza to boot! Definitely […]