Kenny Eliason

Kenny Eliason

Founder & CTO

Having grown up the son of a marketer, the skills of the trade are pumping through his blood. When you couple that with his programming and computer knowledge, you get an explosive combination. Kenny has been an avid digital marketer for over 9 years now, often being the first to recognize the hottest trends coming to the market.

In his free time, Kenny loves downhill mountain biking. He calls it his “old man sport” since BMX was what he did as a teenager and it’s not quite as easy to ride those little bikes anymore. Kenny is also a huge technology enthusiast, specifically when it comes to Apple products – did someone say, fanboy? Those close to him are often asking for help solving tech-related problems which often results with them saying, “man, you can fix anything!”

Kurtis Wankier

Kurtis Wankier

Chief Executive Officer

Youth sports coach (and our resident fiscal wizard), Kurt has an impressive pedigree, beginning with a business degree in Finance. He has worked with the Small Business Administration consulting with small companies, honed his analytical skills with Fitch IBCA, led companies in a variety of industries to stratospheric success, and founded both the College Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) and Envision Management & Marketing.

Kurt’s business and analytical skills have been vital to NeONBRAND since he joined the team in 2015.


Morgan Miller Tingey

Social Media Manager

Morgan studied journalism at BYU, where she took a job working in social media and copywriting while still a student. She abandoned her reporting dreams after discovering the wonderful world of marketing, and has been working in digital marketing since. She has expanded her expertise over the years and currently works with our clients to build their brand, story, and online presence.

From Idaho to Utah to Las Vegas, we at NeONBRAND are so glad that Morgan made her way to our city to work on our team. Her wit, charm, and words enhance our clients’ brands and businesses. Morgan loves the show Mad Men (fittingly) and claims she has watched every good show Netflix and Hulu have to offer.