Today we had a great Social Media Meetup with a bunch of awesome attendees! Thanks to all who came.

  • Las Vegas SEO Meetup: Don’t forget we also run the Las Vegas SEO Meetup every first Tuesday at 12:00, and there’s free pizza to boot! A must for anyone wanting to increase their rankings in Google. [tweet this]
  • WP in Session: For anyone already using WordPress on their website, we’re teaching a seminar on how to use your WordPress site. [tweet this]
  • Facebook vs. YouTube: We launched a video yesterday. Put the video on Facebook and YouTube separately, and the video on Facebook received 1,700 likes in 24 hours, where the YouTube video only received 80. Do I sense an impending doom to YouTube videos? Time will tell. [tweet this]
  • Fiverr: We had the above rap song written on Fiverr, and if you haven’t seen Fiverr yet, you’re going to want to check it out. [tweet this]
  • Logo Design: Talked a little about logo design, Fiverr being one of those options. Also brought up were Logo Nerds and 99 Designs. All considered good options for different reasons. [tweet this]
  • Google Custom URL Builder
    Google URL Builder
    : Using this tool, we built a custom URL for our Instagram page so that we can track users that come from the bio link in Instagram. We then run the newly created long link and run it through to shorten it up a bit so that this: becomes this:
    Then putting that into your Instagram profile will populate your Google Analytics with quality info so you can see when someone comes to your site from Instagram:
    Referral Source Instagram
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  • Instagram – Tagging People: An added bonus comes from tagging people in your photos, different from when you just @them. When you tag someone in a photo, it shows up under the “tagged” images section of their profile, like in the image below. Just gives you one more spot for your photos to show up on Instagram. [tweet this]
    Instagram Photos of You
  • Instagram Hashtag Etiquette
    Instagram – Hashtag Etiquette: There are roughly three types of people in the world:
    1. The No-hashtagger. I never use hashtags because it’s waaaay too trendy of a thing to do.
    2. The Inline-hashtagger. Every other word aughta be a hashtag, right?
    3. The Hashtag-hogger. My brain has lost control and is spitting out an endless supply of sub-thoughts to my initial thought.

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  • Instagram – Editing Photos: Ran through a quick list of apps used for editing photos on Instagram, here’s the breakdown (sorry Android guys, these are all iOS apps):
    1. Pic-Tap-Go: Great for doing full framed images on Instagram instead of cropping down to a square image.
    2. PicFrame: One of the many apps people use to create those cute little collages you see online all the time.
    3. Over: Awesome way to add text to your images, great font selection and super easy to use.
    4. Afterlight: Tons and tons of filters that will blow your regular Instagram filters out of the water.
    5. VS Crop: Ability to share wide framed videos on Instagram.
  • Twitter – Day in the Life by Ollan: Ollan ran us through a quick tour of what he does on a daily basis to keep an active and engaging user following on Twitter. The first thing he does every day is sign in to Twitter to see if anyone has direct messaged him and then engages with them accordingly.Then onto CrowdFireApp, where he checks on any new unfollows (and unfollows if necessary), and new followers (to see if there are anyone he wants to follow). Another great purpose he uses CrowdFire is for their “Copy Followers” feature, where you can enter a username for another person and then follow their followers if you’d like. Great way to find people in a similar niche as you.Then he logs onto Tweetdeck (Twitter’s official App for managing Twitter) where he has set up different stream columns that are of interest to him. If he see’s something he likes, he retweets or schedules it for a retweet. Rinse and repeat. [Thank Ollan!]
  • Tweriod: Way to see when your Twitter followers are online. [tweet this]
  • MeetEdgar: A slick way to queue up your tweets so that they recur indefinitely into the future. Great tool it seems, but it costs $50 a month. Still testing it out to see if it’s worth it. [tweet this]

Hopefully, everyone got a thing or two from the Meetup! Let us know if you have any questions about the things we discussed. And thanks to all those who came and contributed to the group!