Young adult businesswoman

Ladies it’s no secret we make superb business executives. With self made millionaires like Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah running the show, there’s no shortage of famous female entrepreneurs that we can a learn from. But whether you’ve got business goals on large or small scales, harnessing control over your finances is key to becoming a successful business owner. Take a look at these 3 women finance websites that will help your entrepreneurial dreams come to life.

1. Dailyworth

Dailyworth brings women savvy business advice that covers everything from stock investment tips to relationships in the workplace. Founded by self made millionaire Amanda Steinberg, Dailyworth offers women strategic financial counseling that specifically affect mothers, wives, and any woman professional with the drive to do business. Dailyworth has been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan and The New York Times among several others.

2. Women & Money Magazine

Women & Money Magazine helps female entrepreneurs reach their financial goals so they can live a life they love. Single-handedly directed by founder Robyn Post, Women & Money Magazine promotes a healthy mindset about financial planning, guided by the principles that all women should feel good about money, have the tools to grow our net worth, and live to our fullest potential. This magazine teaches women how to have confidence in business, with a special emphasis on boosting financial literacy.


WIFE, which stands for the Women’s Institute for Financial Education is one the highest regarded women’s finance websites in the country. Founded in 1988 by renowned women’s finance experts Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall, WIFE is the oldest non-profit institute dedicated to the financial education of women. WIFE’s mission is to help women achieve financial independence as they overcome all obstacles in life, from college to the retirement years. This amazing source is completely run by volunteers, sponsors and donors who all support female financial freedom.

What are your goals as a female entrepreneur?