Hosting Providers

NeONBRAND has been around long enough to know a little bit about hosting, specifically which hosts provide the best benefit to your SEO.

For a long time, we were fans of WPEngine, super easy to use, great support, Texas-based company. They met our needs superbly for a lot of years.’ Over time, our need, and the needs of our clients has changed.

Our current setup is a combination of services, in no particular order:


DNS with Cloudflare

Before Cloudflare we were using the DNS that came with our registrar, like most people. Whether it was Godaddy or some other obscure registrar, that was were we also hosted our DNS.

Once we learned of Cloudflare’s FREE DNS management, and the power that came with that, we made the switch and moved all our sites over to Cloudflare.

Servers with Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a leading provider of on-demand servers. They’re comparable to Amazon’s solution, AWS E2, but in our opinion, much much easier to use. Their UI is fantastic and their support is great.

Note, this is not a managed server environment like most WordPress people are familiar with, you are in charge of managing your own server from reboots to installing server updates.

If you’re comfortable on the command line, this is the provider to use.

Digital Ocean

If all of this seems a little daunting, we are here to help. We are also strong believers in empowering our clients with their own setups so that you’re not “married” to us (unless you really want!).

We can help you configure your own setup on each of the above services and then help you manage it after the fact if you need help!