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JD Dodds, NeONBRAND’s very own coding connoisseur works to stay inventive in an industry of the next best thing. Our developer for iPhone Apps and large web applications, JD hasn’t slept a wink in weeks with the development of our latest web application, Grow My Instagram. Grow My Instagram, unlike those cheap, phony baloney instalike and instafollow programs out there, gives users a hands on software that easily connects them to people who match both their specific interests and favorite locations. Plus with an ability to grow your Instagram followers over 300% in the matter of weeks, Grow My Instagram is the latest game changer for Instagram users everywhere. That’s why the NeONBRAND team has been working tirelessly for the last year to develop this software, fixing bugs and debunking codes. When I spoke with JD on the latest additions to the Grow My Instagram project, he had quite a bit to say.

What Is Grow My Instagram?

“Basically, Grow My Instagram is a software that uses hashtags and location check-ins to automatically connect Instagram users. Users log in to Grow My Instagram from the web or iPhone. Then, they insert a list of their favorite hashtags and locations. The software then tracks any Instagram user who uses the same hashtags or location check-in and auto likes their photo and auto follows them. The hope is that with your auto likes and follows, you will in return receive likes and follows from those users, expanding your Instagram presence. Hence the name, Grow My Instagram.”

JD’s eyes may have been closed, but his brain was alert with deeply engrafted knowledge of the Grow My Instagram software. Without going into the details of the secret sauce, the NeONBRAND team developed a unique software that will give users the edge on accumulating real followers and real likes on Instagram. The best part? Grow My Instagram works automatically, so you don’t have to do anything to make your numbers grow. Once you’ve set up with Grow My Instagram, simply log in to your Instagram account and witness the magic. Demo users report having numerous new likes and follows every time they open the app.

“It’s typical for you to start receiving likes and follows from all over the place, so many that you become used to the idea of seeing your number of followers go up. It’s a pretty impressive software. This is definitely a game changer for Instagram.”

JD’s talking about the increasing popularity of Instagram and how businesses and professionals are using the app to cross cultures. If businesses sign up on Grow My Instagram, their exposure rate can increase by over 300%, JD says.

What are the Features of Grow My Instagram?

Grow My Instagram Dashboard

“Grow My Instagram has many impressive features. First there’s the hashtag tracker. This enables you to use relevant hashtags to connect with users. This is HUGE when it comes to growing your instagram because you can literally attract thousands of likes and followers. This helps Instagram users who don’t want to fuss with hashtags on every post or sort through the millions of hashtag posts a day. Grow My Instagram does it for you, taking the pressure off finding relatable users.”

When you’re logged into your Grow My Instagram dashboard, access your hashtags list on the left sidebar. Once you click on the hashtag link, you’ll be able to enter hashtags that your Grow My Instagram account will track. You can get crafty or stick to classic hashtags. No matter your decision, this feature is the star of the Grow My Instagram software. Hashtags, as we’ve seen in Instagram and Twitter, is the new language of social media.

“Grow My Instagram also uses a list of locations to connect you with potential followers. You can enter any location in the world, from Bangkok to Kalamazoo. Just enter a street address and zip code and the app will generate a list of locations within the specified range. You can then check the boxes on locations you wish to follow.”

Grow My Instagram Locations

This means that businesses will be able to connect with potential clients all over the world. You no longer have to check in a location! Grow My Instagram’s advanced location monitor will keep a good eye on all your locations for you and make sure to catch anyone checking in the area.

“This is especially useful when you’re trying to reach a specific group of people, such as college students at a local university, or doctors who all lunch at the same restaurants. You are unlimited with Grow My Instagram.”

For those of us who want to watch the numbers steadily climb and keep and eye on every new like and follow, you can track it on Grow My Instagram. The software also offers a page where you can watch a map of your locations so you can monitor which specific locations are bringing you the most traffic. Pretty cool, huh?

Are the Results Really that Impressive?

Grow My Instagram Incredible Results

If you don’t think 300% increase in followers is an impressive statistic, then maybe you’re doing something different on Instagram than the rest of us. But JD’s convinced of Grow My Instagram’s ability to strengthen your Instagram presence faster and more efficiently than any other program out there.

“There’s no software out that can do what Grow My Instagram can. No software is as specific, detailed oriented or far reaching as Grow My Instagram. If you want followers from Tokyo who like Naruto, you can get them. If you want followers from Belgium who can’t get enough of Poptarts, you can have them. No matter how outrageous or specific your desires are, you can get Instagram followers that match your needs.”

NeONBRAND founder Kenny Eliason has been trying out the Grow My Instagram project on an artist suffering from muscular dystrophy. Her Instagram, filled with about 7 pictures of her high quality art and drawings, started off at less than 100 followers, with a few likes per photo. After three weeks using Grow My Instgram, her instagram has sky rocketed to over 645 followers, with an average 330 likes per photo.

“The effectiveness of this software is outstanding. With rates like these, we definitely have high expectations for Grow My Instagram,” Kenny says.

When Can We Expect the Grow My Instagram Release?

“It’s hard to say, there’s so much work to be done,” JD says, reluctant to give out full details on the Grow My Instagram release date. “In all honesty, we’re shooting for January 2015, but it all depends on if I can find the time to finish the project. With so much to do, it’s hard to really give this project the focus it deserves.”

“Like I said, there’s no reason to give away everything we’re doing. A good engineer never tells all his secrets. We want to stay ahead of the game with this Grow My Instagram project, so mum’s the word on specific details.”

I certainly can’t wait for the release. Grow My Instagram boasts streamlined auto likes and following that will improve your Instagram experience, giving you the grasp of social media you’ve been looking for. Stay tuned for more information on Grow My Instagram at

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