You may be gung-ho to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities presented by social media. That said, many businesses end up putting the cart before the proverbial horse when implementing a social strategy. We get it; you’re excited. But social media marketing without strategy and understanding can be a waste of time and resources. That’s why we’re giving you the top 6 most prominent social media mistakes businesses can make. Are you a culprit?

6 Biggest Social Media Mistakes

1. Failure to Plan

Yes, planning takes time. But if you start a social media campaign without one, you’re going to have a tough time staying on track. Your plan should outline your tactical execution as well as identify measurable goals and timeframes that enable you to hold your team accountable.

2. “Selling.”

Social media isn’t just another venue to advertise your business and services. It’s all about starting conversations and connecting with your customers. That’s why having a “selling” mindset can flop in the social world. Your strategy should be about customer outreach, not strictly conversion.

3. Inconsistency

If you’ve decided to get social, you need to follow through. “Dabbling” on a blog or Twitter or Facebook doesn’t work in the social world. Set real goals and schedules and stick to them. Without consistency, your customers will quickly phase you out.

4. Impatience

Social media marketing is usually not an overnight success. It takes time to create an ongoing feed of content that your customers – and the search engines – recognize. Don’t give up if you don’t see an ROI right away.

5. Timing

Social media is all about timing. If you don’t know your customer, it will be difficult to gauge the most effective time to post content, tweet, send an invitation, etc. If you’re still unsure what timing is most effective, test it out. Your customers will soon let you know.

6. Spelling/Grammar Errors

An excellent way to strip yourself of your professional persona is to forget to use spellcheck! Make sure that all posts – however casual – are carefully edited for spelling and grammar.

What Social Media Mistakes did we forget?

We’ve told you what mistakes we see all the time. Got a particular one that peeves you? Let us know below!