We’re not trying to get all politically correct here, but diversity is key when it comes to social media marketing. And we’re not talking about ethnicities, religions, or creeds. We’re talking about your content.

Facebook tips

Are you posting everyday about a specific product or feature? Are you asking every Friday about weekend plans? Well, we have a newsflash for you Walter Cronkite: you might be boring your Facebook fans (and preventing the adoption of new ones).

That’s because diversifying your content is crazy important when it comes to social media marketing. Have you ever met a woman who has 65 pairs of the exact same shoe? No. That’s because people naturally crave variety. They want to see what’s different, new, and exciting.

Make sure that your content reflects that.

Here are a few ways to round out your content marketing strategy:

Incorporate video: Have you seen Gangnam Style? David at the Dentist? That crazy scary squirrel? Videos have a tendency to go viral, and they also tend to get a lot of attention. So whether you’re sharing your own in-house video or something hilarious you found online, videos can help bring in the engagement.

Hold contests: Get something for nothing? Hello, human nature 101! There’s no easier way to get and engage fans online than by holding a contest. Whether you’re giving away your new product or a couple $10 gift cards, people will participate when there’s a chance to win.

Publish polls: Here’s human nature 201: people love to make their opinions known. So relevant polls, quizzes, and the like tend to attract a lot of attention. Be careful not to get too controversial here, though, or you might risk offending your fan base.

Snap a pic: Let’s be serious; when we peruse Facebook we’re much more likely to click on a photo than we are pure copy. Pictures are a great way to get noticed in the Facebook feed, so be sure you’re including them in your posts.

Inform, inform, inform: Are you a subject-matter expert in your field? Showcase it! Infographics are a fresh way to publish relevant, easily digestible information that educates your fans and positions you as the expert in the field. Include them in your content strategy for optimal engagement.

Are you ready to diversify? Let us know how it goes. We want to know what types of content get you the most bang for your buck!