Where the Digital Marketing Began

In 2011, NeONBRAND was born after Kenny returned from a year of law school and decided he would rather do something he loves. With his uncanny knack for intelligently combining business and tech, he set out to make a mark in the digital marketing world. It was obvious that businesses needed help with their online marketing, and equally obvious that there weren't enough savvy marketers those businesses could trust.

Since those early days, NeONBRAND has evolved into a full service marketing and web development agency. In early 2014, Kurt Wankier started working with Kenny and the NeON team, and his leadership has been a tremendous advantage for NeONBRAND and our clients. That's why Kurt is now the Chief Executive Officer, though the team just calls him the Numbers Guy. Kenny continues to lead NeONBRAND as the Chief Technical Officer.

If you have an ambitious vision for your business, Kenny is the guy that creates the tools, and Kurt gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Their differing perspectives give NeONBRAND a unique advantage among digital marketing companies – we understand the art and the science that fuels your business success.

What NeONBRAND has Accomplished

NeONBRAND has built numerous websites for all types of customers, from basic portfolio websites to full-blown apps. We strive to become experts in all digital mediums so that our customers can think of us as their one-stop-shop for anything internet related.

Our Digital Marketing campaigns often have our clients reaching incredible numbers of potential customers. This reach is then strategically tracked all the way to the customers front door, so that we can make sure there is a true ROI for our clients.

We believe that working in website development and search engine optimization requires constant education so we constantly further our knowledge by attending seminars all over the country.

Contact Our Digital Marketing Team

Our skills and talents have proven to be a vital asset that makes us stand out from our competitors. The products we deliver will often outperform and outlast that of those built by other website development and digital marketing companies.

Our search engine optimization techniques also far surpass others because we are closely involved with some of the top researchers of search engines, like Danny Sullivan and Neil Patel.

Don't wait any longer, get on the road to success by reaching out to our team and getting a no-obligation proposal on what we think it will take for you to succeed online.