Improving your Facebook posts

Ever heard the phrase, “I never forget a face?” Well, these days, it would be more correct to say, “I never forget Facebook.” Improving your Facebook posts can mean real money to your bottom line.

That’s right, a new study is out and it asserts that people remember Facebook posts and photos with greater clarity than they remember a line from a book or a real-life human face.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, gave participants actual Facebook posts and updates, removing distractions like emoticons, CAPS, and exclamation points. They also gave participants sentences from actual literature.

As it turns out, those short, unfiltered messages really do have impact, and before you start asking what the world is coming to, you should start questioning where your business fits in.

The posts were the most remembered, which begs the question – are you taking advantage of Facebook?

Relevant Content, We ‘Like’ That

Sure, you’ve got a page and you probably even have some fans. But it’s time to make sure that your posts and content are impactful and resonate with your fans. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what to display to each user, which takes into consideration the historical interaction between the two members, the type of engagement (like or comment), and the freshness of the content. So in order to stay in your fans’ minds, you need to be continually updating your page with content that encourages interaction.

There are countless ways to improve your Facebook interaction, but let’s start with one huge tip for your status updates: STOP AUTOMATING THEM. Your fans are smart, and they can likely tell when there’s no living, breathing human behind a status update or post. If your page looks a lot like an RSS feed, it’s time to reassess. Your fans are much more likely to participate in comments, discussions, and polls when they know that there’s a heart beating behind your brand.

Ready for more Facebook content tips? Stay tuned; we’ll keep them coming.