A Call to Action on Call to Action Buttons

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Let’s talk call to action. Let’s be honest; you don’t have a business website just because you got bored one day and thought you’d try your hand at web development. Businesses spend big bucks on websites because they’re an extremely efficient way to market, sell, and produce business leads. Not to mention that these days, … Continued

How to Setup Access to Your Social Media for a Digital Agency

Reading Time: 6 minutes

One of the things we deal with on a regular basis is getting access to Social Media accounts for businesses. There are nuances to each of the different social networks that make accomplishing such a task nearly impossible at times. The biggest goal we have when setting these things up is making sure the clients … Continued

How to Make Your $1 Photos Awesome

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In our previous posts we’ve shown you where to find affordable images and how to optimize images for the web. Now we know there are a lot of times when you want to take those awesomely optimized photos and add a bit of your own flavor to it, but let’s face it: who has time to … Continued

Death of the Stock Photo

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Or at least the ridiculously overpriced ones. You know as well as we do: a good article is only as good as the photos used to illustrate it. That’s why finding attractive, interesting and captivating photos (that don’t require taking out a second mortgage on your home) is a huge part of any effective website or content … Continued

NeONBRAND’s Top 3 “Tips” Posts of 2014

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At NeONBRAND we like to share our knowledge of winning SEO practices. Much of our work, including meetups, online groups, and our blog posts are dedicated to helping other SEOs reach their goals. In this post we cover our top 3 “Tips” posts of 2014 that offered helpful information to our audience. We hope you’ve learned … Continued

13 Tweets We Enjoyed from WordCamp 2014

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WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 We had a great time this weekend attending the 6th annual WordCamp Las Vegas at the Innevation Center! Made a lot of great connections and learned a ton of great things about WordPress. A special thanks to all those who helped make it an awesome experience. Stay tuned for information on our … Continued

2014 SEO Recap: What Happened This Year?

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2014 is coming to a close in just a matter of weeks! We’re taking the next few days to look back and see just what happened in the SEO world this year. There’s been Penguin Updates, cyber infiltrations, and new moves in top SEO companies around the globe. Let’s relive it all with this 2014 … Continued

SEO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling

Reading Time: < 1 minute

What’s that, you haven’t heard of the SEO Speedwagon?? I was asked to speak at WordCamp Las Vegas this year and my topic covered what quick tips you can do to help rank your site as quickly as possible. So my thoughts went a little something like this… Quick -> Speed -> Speedwagon ->REO Speedwagon … Continued

3 Women’s Finance Websites For the Female Entrepreneur

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Ladies it’s no secret we make superb business executives. With self made millionaires like Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah running the show, there’s no shortage of famous female entrepreneurs that we can a learn from. But whether you’ve got business goals on large or small scales, harnessing control over your finances is key to becoming … Continued

Underpaid Overachiever: A Content Writer’s Struggle

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You’re a great writer with an enthusiasm for learning, project building and generating high-quality content that blows Google’s socks off. And you plan to make kazillions doing it. So is content writing the perfect career for you? It just might be. Content writers are underpaid overachievers who write for the love of writing, not the … Continued

NeONBRAND’s Grow My Instagram

Reading Time: 5 minutes

JD Dodds, NeONBRAND’s very own coding connoisseur works to stay inventive in an industry of the next best thing. Our developer for iPhone Apps and large web applications, JD hasn’t slept a wink in weeks with the development of our latest web application, Grow My Instagram. Grow My Instagram, unlike those cheap, phony baloney instalike … Continued

SEO 101: High Quality Content and Links

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today at Work In Progress, NeONBRAND founder Kenny Eliason presented at the SEO 101 Meetup. Attendees learned how to get their websites to rank highest on Google. Kenny broke website rankings down to a nutshell. For those new to SEO, there are two key ingredients to a high ranking website: high quality content and links. The … Continued

SEO Tips and Tricks

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The beautiful part about search engine optimization is that the core strategies never change, those being producing high-quality content and generating high-quality links. There are tons of ways to produce low-quality content and generate low-quality links, but Google is getting better and better at detecting that garbage. Your safest investment for SEO in 2015 is your … Continued

Building Your Blogging Team

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Blogging is a valuable component to website content. To get a good blog going, you’ll need more than just a few writers who can crank out posts all day. For well written, scrupulously edited articles that pass the SEO bill, build your blogging team using these key tips. Hire Exceptional Writers and Researchers To start, you … Continued

Establishing Your Brand’s Voice

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As an author for NeONBRAND, I spend the majority of my time studying trends in web content literature. The first thing I look for is a brand’s voice–or the literary tone and style that websites use to project the attitude of their company. Establishing your brand’s voice has everything to do with your audience, online reputation, … Continued

Getting over the Hump in Social Media

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Social media is a driving force in internet marketing. Harnessing the potential of this lucrative medium can be tricky. Getting over the hump on your social media presence may take time, however, there are tools to help.

Maintaining an Online Reputation Helps Your Local SEO

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In SEO, it’s important to build up an online reputation that suits your company for optimal success.  But what exactly does an ‘online reputation’ mean? An online reputation is the character of business portrayed to potential customers via the internet. Managing a business’s online reputation is important for two major reasons. First, if your online … Continued

Penguin 3.0 Update is a “Refresh”

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Google’s Penguin update is finally here and SEOs anxiously await results of the rollout that began last Friday, October 17. The Penguin algorithm, known unofficially as Penguin 3.0, was released without an official announcement nor any information on the update. It wasn’t until this morning that we heard from Google’s Pierre Far about what we … Continued

Internet Users Will Surpass 3 Billion

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Back in 2010, NeONBRAND reported that the world would reach 2 billion internet users by the end of the year, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Now 4 years later, the ITU expects that we’ll break 3 billion by December 2014. That means 40% of the world is connecting with one another on the … Continued

Smart Marketing: Nourish the Consumer

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A shared keynote at this year’s Pubcon reminded SEO companies that smart marketing is all about helping consumers. Businesses that share valuable, original content with consumers are achieving marketable success. In a sense, winning SEOs practice “the more you give, the more you shall receive.” NeONBRAND takes a look on how this helpful strategy can improve your business. … Continued

2014 U.S. Search Awards Recap

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The  2014 U.S. Search Awards were held on Wednesday, October 8th during Pubcon at the Las Vegas Strip’s iconic Treasure Island Hotel. Representative judges from a number of digital marketing companies, including FMB Media and Omni Marketing Interactive, named a total 20 recipients at the biggest US Search Awards celebration yet. U.S. Search Awards Big Wins Taking … Continued

Big Companies Suffer Data Breaches

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Home Depot’s crushing data breach this September has put billion dollar corporations on their toes.  Beginning in April of this year, the malware known as Mozart–a corporation specific computer contaminate–went on a 5 month infiltration of Home Depot’s cybersecurity system. Experts project over 56 million customers were affected. That’s over 15 million more than last December’s … Continued

3 Grammar Sites to Put Your Blog on Top

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In the professional blogging world you can’t afford poor grammar. With major search engines like Bing implementing grammar analytics to rank blogs  amongst the good and the bad, your  blog could benefit from grammar assistance. If your blog is in desperate need of editing, there are online grammar tools that can make revising fast and … Continued

Critical Elements of a Great Brand Logo

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Many business owners think they own their brand, but in fact, that is not the case. A brand is the general public’s image of your business, and you only can hope to influence that image in a way that you want relevant consumers and potential customer in particular to think of your business. One of … Continued