If you’re redesigning your website (or designing it for the first time), you’re likely looking for ways to make that site more dynamic. One key way to make the most of your web design is to incorporate social media components into every page.

Web Design

Since your digital marketing strategy should incorporate both your website and your social media presence, integrating these two is pretty important. Here are a few ways you can do it.

Make it Obvious

It’s important to make sure your customers know which social media sites your business is active on. This doesn’t mean simply placing icons on your website (although it certainly does mean doing that as well) but it also means talking to your customers in person or creating marketing with social calls to action, like “like us on Facebook for 10 percent off today!”

Incorporate Social Media Logins

If your site is enabled with e-commerce, allowing social logins can kill two birds with one stone; you’ll capture your customers’ social information and your customer will be able to make a purchase without the headache of creating a new login or account. Nice work.

Design it Friendlier

Your website should be designed in a way that makes it easier to share content on social media – right from the start. This means avoiding long pages of static content in favor of bite-sized bits of sharable content, like videos, graphics, social media feeds, etc. When you design with social sharing in mind, your site automatically becomes more dynamic.

Make Each Piece Sharable

Offering social share icons on individual pages is a great start, but for real impact, ensure that each content piece is sharable. This means a user can share your video or a particular blogpost instead of sharing your basic URL (which may not allow the user to find the content piece they’re looking for). It also means social media users can view the content from within the social media platform, getting you more eyeballs.

Embed YouTube Videos

Pages that contain YouTube videos rank better in search engines. Not to mention that people tend to stay a lot longer on websites that incorporate videos. If you haven’t experimented with video content, the time is now – do it for your website, and your social media network.

How are you making your website more social?