social media marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, we tend to get one common question: “But what do we post?” That’s why we love holidays – they’re universal (generally) and offer up a lot of excuses to get your customers engaging with you on social media. Here are a few ways to leverage our upcoming season of spook to your marketing advantage.

Publish a Digital “How-to” Guide

Online, everybody loves a tutorial. Use this to your advantage by producing something that speaks both to your business and the season. For example, if you own a salon, publish a how-to guide on creepy Halloween makeup. If you own a restaurant, publish a few delicious, seasonal recipes perfect for Halloween parties.

Give Something Away

Like any holiday, Halloween is the perfect time to give something away online; just make sure this becomes an effective marketing tactic by requiring your customers to do something to be considered for the prize. Whether it’s tagging your business in a photo or sharing your post, a Halloween contest is a great way to gain more friends and followers. Need an idea? A costume photo contest always gets a lot of attention.

Share the Office

If your business tends to be a little playful around Halloween, let the world know! Take photos or short videos of the festivities in and around your office, store or business and let the world know how you rock this holiday. Employees in costumes are always welcome!

Arrange a Random “Haunt”

Remember when flash mobs were all the rage? Instead of showing up at a random place and dancing, show up at a random place and haunt! Dress up and cue the music (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” always goes over well). You can easily incorporate social media by either posting the video online or arranging the whole thing via social.

Got a great idea for Halloween marketing? Share your trick (or treat)!