web design trends

The beauty about web design is that it’s an ever-changing art. And here at NeONBRAND, we’re always looking for the next best thing for your website. That said, 2015 is quickly upping the design game. Here are a few of our favorite web design trends this year.

1. Parallax Effects

This might sound like science fiction, but the parallax effect is a simple, albeit super cool, web design trick. Achieving it is as simple as ensuring the background moves slower than the foreground when the user is scrolling on the page, but the effect is pretty memorable. Parallax almost looks three-dimensional, but is super easy to achieve.

2. Flat Design

Gone are the days of trying to impress users with a bunch of complicated 3D imagery. These days, it’s all about flat, function design. And that doesn’t mean boring. In fact, a flat design is the best way to make certain strategically chosen elements really stand out. Not to mention that it makes your site a whole lot prettier on mobile devices.

3. Multimedia is the New Black

Multimedia content, like videos, interactive widgets and graphics aren’t just icing on the cake anymore. They’re a standard part of a well-designed website. That means that if you’re not using a variety of content forms, you’ve already missed the mark.

4. Split Screens

A vertical divider on a website can seem superfluous, but it actually achieves a couple of cool things; it allows you to promote two products or campaigns of equal significance, and it provides a space for your website’s “cool extras,” like social links, Twitter feeds and Yelp reviews.

5. Content Grids

If you’ve noticed content becoming more modular recently, that’s because it has. Content grids or blocks are a super trendy web design trick that is looking pretty cool on screen. The great thing about these content blocks is that they can be interchanged, replaced or reorganized at any time.

Got a favorite website design element you’re seeing these days? Tell us what it is!