You might have Facebook and Twitter conquered, but has your business tapped into the “picturesque” platform that’s gaining popularity (and users) at an incredible rate? Instagram for Business is one of the best tools to leverage social media in their marketing strategies. Here are a few easy ways you can give this platform a whirl:

Instagram for Business Tips

1. Display Your Stuff

Instagram is all about photos, so you don’t need a clever in-house writer to pump your wares. This platform gives you an easy way for customers to virtually “window shop.” Just upload beautiful photos of your products (they don’t even have to be professional) and voila! You have an online catalog.

2. Talk About People

Humanizing your business is what social media is all about. This is even easier with Instagram when you can upload photos of your staff – both on and off duty. Share a pic of an employee hard at work, or running his first triathlon. Your customers will love seeing the personal side of your business.

3. Show Products in Action

With Instagram’s ability to upload videos, you have an easy, free way to video market. Show your products at work, whether that be a beautiful dress on the runway, a child playing with the hottest new toy, or a video tour of the perfect refrigerator.

4. Capture Events

Instagram for Business Tips

If you’re in the business of attending – or creating – events, Instagram is the perfect way to share your virtual portfolio. Document each event with photographs or videos and post them either during or after the event. For great cross-promotion, encourage Facebook friends and Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram to see live visual updates.

5. Be Funny

Everyone can relate to office pranks or mishaps. Documenting them on Instagram is a great way to engage your followers.

6. Share Anything Cute

Who doesn’t love a photo of a cute kitten or sad puppy? When you see something cute – especially if it’s happening in your office or store – share it! Nothing gets more likes than some furry cuteness. A “bring your pet to work” day would give you some major fodder for Instagram posts.

Are you an Instagram for Business User?

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