Landing Page Basics for Better SEO

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Many online marketers make the mistake of slapping up web pages that aren’t fully optimized and many times not working properly and fail to meet their full potential when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). When Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines rank web pages for keyword relevancy, the pages have to be … Continued

Don’t Overlook Localized SEO Efforts

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When it comes to geographically based search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, many people make the mistake of doing a shotgun strategy that greatly dilutes the effectiveness of their online marketing by not properly targeting the most likely market. Small businesses in particular need to focus much of their online marketing efforts for local communities rather … Continued

Don’t Overlook Imagery for Posts

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Many people include a lot of text with their Web pages and social media posts, but they too often overlook the importance of including images to help drive home the message while also providing a better user experience. Current SEO trends place an importance on images, whether they are pictures, graphs, embedded videos or other … Continued

The Social Revolution 2014

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Sure, the industrial revolution changed the world, but the current new world order is all about social. Social networking, social sharing, social linking – the possibilities (and the links!) are endless. These days, social media has taken over every aspect of life – from planning an event to purchasing a product to connecting with your … Continued

Don’t Let Them Think You’re Fake

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When it comes to doing well on search engine results of any kind, the search engines themselves need assurances that a site is genuine and not an affiliate marketer or worse, a SPAM site. If a search engine is assured a site is a real and genuine destination on the World Wide Web, it will … Continued

SEO: Social Engine Optimization? Top 5 Reasons Infographic

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With conflicting information coming from the Mr. Google Spam (this video vs. this video), we wanted to flesh out some of the ways social media can benefit your search engine optimization efforts and decided to lay it out in this little infojpg to break it down for us. Share this Image On Your Site (copy … Continued

Tracking URLs Help Identify Traffic Sources

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Tracking online marketing activity and the sources of useful and relevant online traffic can be done easily with some basic online tools and a little effort. Tools needed to track URLs include published content with a live URL link, the free Google URL builder, and a free account. The URL builder enables site owners … Continued

Content Marketing Strategy is Rising in Importance

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Having a solid content marketing strategy is crucial. Although they are different, content marketing and SEO are becoming more intertwined and in some cases referred to synonymously. Basic use of keywords and pay-per-click marketing still have their place. But online marketers no longer can only focus efforts on keywords and bid up their rank. One … Continued

Marketers Need to Prepare for New Apple Search Engine – DuckDuckGo

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Apple and its popular Mac computers hold between about 10 percent and 20 percent of the personal computer and laptop computer markets. But it holds a much firmer grip on the mobile phones and tablet markets, which have been growing in importance among marketers. But with Apple recently announcing plans to allow a new search … Continued

Why Google Loves Local Businesses

Why Google Loves Local Businesses

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Some years ago, bidding on keywords and ranking high on search engine results used to be relatively easy. Online marketers needed to simply mention a keywords a couple of times while providing virtually any content at all that was loosely related to the keyword search. Affiliate marketers dominated many search engine results, and business that … Continued

Using Heading Tags for Better SEO

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Headers are fickle things. Sometimes they are wanted. Other times they aren’t. Aside from the fact that most successful blogs and websites use them, it’s a reasonable question for one to ask what use they have when it comes to search engine marketing. Other than to help break up and organize content, which make pages … Continued

Information on the Move: Infographic vs. Infogif

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Information is thrown at us in so many shapes and forms these days that we are on overload. This poses a problem for us in receiving information because it is all vying for our attention. The challenge for those who want us to pay attention to their information is to make the information they throw at … Continued

Tracking Search Engine Site Referrals

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Most businesses now must have a presence online in order to extend their marketing reach and draw in the maximum amount of potential customers, clients and others. But when using search engine marketing (SEO) strategies and tactics, many modern marketers make the mistake of not tracking the types of traffic their SEO campaigns are bringing … Continued

Beware of SEO Spammers!

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Few things get under my skin, and even fewer things get under my skin so much that I have to write about them. But guys who use spam to acquire leads… grrr…. From time to time our clients forward me what appear to be very real emails that they received, in the which claim to … Continued

Mobile Marketing Is Gaining Influence

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Staying ahead of the competition with online marketing efforts means staying ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting to new innovations in the marketplace. With online marketing, that new innovation in mobile marketing and the rising influence of smartphones, iPads, tablets, and other mobile devices that make it a lot easier to obtain … Continued

Instagram: Not Just for Selfies Anymore

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Darwin once suggested that the survival of a species depended on its adaptability to its ever changing environment. The same can be said about business. Businesses have the obligation to keep up with the times to ensure its survival. Social media has been the saving grace for a lot of businesses that perhaps don’t have … Continued

Facebook: The Link Sharing Network

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As a social media specialist it’s important for me to stay up on the latest, which can be a little tricky in an industry that’s so young and unpredictable. But these shifting sands aren’t only perilous for me. The social media companies themselves have to adapt or die. Being cool and relevant today most definitely … Continued

Article Submission as SEO Technique – Can It Still Work for You?

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Article submission as an organic SEO technique can still work, sort of. The old days of submitting articles to a bunch to e-zines are over. Article submission websites as they became much less effective after some of the more recent Google updates. There are ways to make article submission, in a somewhat different outfit, work, … Continued

The Why and How of White Paper Writing: Tips for Success

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The term “white paper” used to refer to a government document designed to explain certain governmental policies.  Over time however, the term has come to refer to a document that explains pretty much anything, most often something that someone is trying to sell.  To this effect, it has become a powerful marketing tool in many … Continued

4 Digital Marketing Tips to Get You Back on Track

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Marketing is such a different animal than it used to be. What used to be as simple as buying ad space in a newspaper or recording an ad for the radio turned into full on production with the invention of the television. Add to that the ever growing advertising “free-for-all” that is social media, from Facebook … Continued

How to do White Hat Link Building – With a Little Black Hat Too

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I don’t need SEO! In a perfect world, there is no need for search engine optimization. That’s right, no need. That’s because in a perfect world your website would be so incredibly popular and be full of awesome content that you would naturally rank for the terms that are important to the success of your … Continued