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Last week I had the privilege of attending one of the longest running digital marketing conferences right here in Las Vegas. Pubcon is an annual event that covers everything SEO and Social Media related. I had a great time and learned tons of really great things. We just finished our Monthly SEO Meetup and covered all of these points in depth (above is the Periscope from the SEO Meetup).

There was obviously way more information covered during the conference, these are just the highlights. And sorry it’s only a bulleted list! Just too much to cover!

Sorry if I misquote or miscite any of the following information. I’ll gladly update it if any are pointed out!


  • @GuyKawasaki
  • Should only show your [email protected]
  • Asymmetric Picture (definition for those wondering)[email protected]
  • Front lit (aka light in front of your face, not behind) @GuyKawasaki
  • Consistent (same on all networks)[email protected]
    • I only partially agree with this, as it’s sometimes nice to see variation while still following the other principles @NeONBRAND


  • Repeat [email protected]
  • Get off hamster wheel of content schedule @DamonGochneaur
  • Focus on higher quality and few posts
  • Stop just pushing the publish button


  • Greatly underutilized @CarrieHill
  • 80% of web NOT using it @RavenTools
  • Google Schema Tester[email protected]
  • Structured Data Markup Helper
  • Raven Tools Schema plugin
  • Hard Dev programming

Brand humanization

  • Support a cause @MarkTraphagen
  • Engager (engage with the discussion, don’t just talk into an empty room)[email protected]
  • Employee advocacy (helping employees know how to represent the brand, and involved in social media on behalf of our brand)
    • Advocacy is born from culture, not technology or marketing (said someone important…)
  • PBR – personal brand [email protected]
  • 3 B’s @MelCarson
    • be discoverable
    • be sharable
    • be memorable


Google Updates


  • Paid distribution will be the only way @WilReynolds
  • Machine learning, 2 algorithms @RandFish
  • Overall brand marketing sometimes improves SEO @RandFish


  • Embrace the NPR model (produce great content so that we put up with the pledge drive) @GuyKawasaki
  • Pass the reshare test (meaning not only your first tier followers like it, but they share it to their followers) @GuyKawasaki
  • Add graphics to every post. you can add up to 4 pictures in a tweet. identifying people in photos doesn’t count toward the char limit @GuyKawasaki
  • Upload natively to everything to social @GuyKawasaki
  • Lifestyle posts are good @djgeoffe
  • Distribution hugely important, use social ads when [email protected]
  •[email protected]
  •[email protected]
  • Boring topic? Search here @youngbloodjoe
  • Speed brainstorming – silent time, write down 3 ideas, pass the card to the right. repeat. add 3 more ideas. no talking. @stonetemple
  • What are you building that is worth PAYING for people to see @WilReynolds

Favorite Takeaway

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