Your website might look great, but if it’s not usable, your customers probably won’t care about your cool photography, awesome flash animation and killer videos. That’s why, sometimes, it’s important to head back to the beginning – and make sure that your website is delivering on one basic promise: it’s easy to use.

Common Web Design Mistakes
Look at this guy making common web design mistakes. Rookie…

Common Web Design Mistakes

Here are a few cardinal usability mistakes you should remedy today. Like, now.

It’s not optimized for mobile.

We don’t have to tell you that now, more than ever before, your customers are accessing online information from their phones and mobile devices. [tweet_box design=”default”]If your web design isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re shooting yourself in the proverbial foot in a couple of ways.[/tweet_box] First off, you could lose your customer’s attention as soon as they see that non-optimized site on their small screen. Additionally, with Google’s recent updates to their algorithm, the search engine is “penalizing” websites that aren’t mobile optimized. That means you’ve been kicked to the back of the search engine line. Ouch.

You’ve got no copy.

You might think “less is more” when it comes to content, and in many ways that can be true. But if you’re relying on rich imagery to make the first impression, you’re making a huge web design error. It’s pretty crucial to feature high-quality copy on your home page, both for customers who want to know what you’re all about as well as for SEO value.

Your lead forms read like a Russian novel.

A lead form is a great way to, well, collect leads. But the more questions you require to submit that form, the fewer takers you’re going to get. Keep your lead forms super simple; often an email address and name are enough.

You don’t have a search feature.

These days, customers are accustomed to “searching” for what they want to know. If your web design doesn’t include a search feature, you could be diminishing your site’s usability. Include a way to search your entire site from the home page. This search should include pages, blogs, news, etc.

Your number is lost.

You’ve got a “Contact Us” or “About Us” page, but if you’re not including your phone number on every single page you might be losing some opportunities to connect with your customers. Keep your number top of mind and bottom of page for your customers.

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