When it comes to online marketing trends, they tend to move pretty quickly. And if you’re not able to adapt to new trends and best practices, you could be missing out on some significant opportunities for growing your business. Here are the biggest trends we’ve been seeing in the world of online marketing this year so you can start planning your social media strategy:

Mobile Isn’t Optional

These days, mobile optimization is not just “nice to have;” it’s crucial to your business. With Google now giving preference to mobile optimized sites, your business depends on your ability to deliver content seamlessly to a mobile user. And with mobile usability so commonplace, it just makes good business sense anyway.

Social Media is Bigger Than Ever

Anyone who thought that social media would “phase out” is currently eating their words. Social media has only skyrocketed in recent years, and businesses that aren’t taking advantage of social marketing have missed the boat. Social media investment continues to be a critical component of big business’s marketing plans, so it should become a big part of yours.

Content is King

Content marketing isn’t such a new concept anymore, but it’s just as important as ever. With consumers spending so much time online, search engine optimization is super important when it comes to finding new customers. Additionally, people have changed the way in which they shop; if you’re not offering a good amount of information online, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Customers Want People

These days more than ever, your customers want to know they’re doing business with people, not a corporation or business. That’s why it’s more important than ever to give your business a “human” side.

Being “human” is easiest if you’re taking advantage of Las Vegas social marketing (which you should be doing anyway).

Social Advertising Doesn’t Have to Be Promotional

Advertising your business is no longer about talking about your business. In fact, the key to great marketing is talking about your customer – or giving them relevant information that they need and want.

Your content marketing should be much less about you and much more about offering unique, relevant insight that helps your customer.

Seeing a trend in the marketplace? Tell us what it is.