From “it takes up too much time” to “no one would ever follow us,” there are plenty of excuses for why businesses don’t benefit from social media. That said, social marketing can be a super-lucrative (and low-cost) way to gain exposure and connect with customers. If you’ve ever used one of these excuses, just know: they’re all myths! Here’s why.

I don’t need social if I have a website.

This isn’t true, and neither is the converse; if you’re on social, you still need a great website. Web sites anchor your business with a “home base,” where social media is a more fluid means of communication. Ideally, your social strategy will bring more visitors back to your website (where the magic happens); you can’t have one without the other.

ROI is impossible for social media.

Measuring return on investment can be tricky, but it’s far from impossible. The key to measuring your ROI is three-fold; you’ll need to track where your users are coming from, find out what action they took and calculate the value of that activity. Of course, outsourcing these analytics could be easier if it seems intimidating.

Blogs are old news.

The website is a mecca of content, but if you think your blogs are wasted time and space, you’re wrong. Blogging not only increases your Las Vegas SEO performance but also helps you establish and maintain the voice of your brand. No one likes a quiet business.

I have to be everywhere.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of gaining a presence on every social platform, we don’t blame you. You don’t have to be active on every Las Vegas social media network; the key is to find which are most appropriate for your business. This will largely depend on who your customer is and where they tend to spend their time online.

Social will replace my face-to-face interactions.

If you think your face-to-face interactions with your customers are too valuable to lose, you’re right; but Las Vegas social media isn’t going to be the force that destroys them. Social simply gives you a new way to connect and engage; it doesn’t replace the old method.

Have you overcome a social myth? Tell us about it.