These days, your website isn’t just an add-on to your business; for many companies, a website is the very foundation of their business. That’s why building your website well from the start is so important – not to mention finding the right designer to do just that. After all, you wouldn’t pour the foundation for your home on your own (unless you happen to be a construction professional), so why would you take such an imperative task in-house?

professional web designer
A good web developer… like this guy!

Why You Reeeally Need a Good Web Designer

Here’s why hiring a pro really pays off:

They’re ahead of the fray.

Professional web designers are paid to be on top of technology trends; that means your website is bound to leverage and take advantage of the industry’s best tools and coolest features; that’s something you won’t get with an amateur designer or an online service. And when it comes to staying ahead of the trends, that means you’re staying ahead of the competition. Cha-ching!

There are no limits.

Online services or templates, or even amateur designers, all come with limitations attached. This just doesn’t work if you’re trying to show the world how innovative and unique your business is. A professional web designer can take your web design and functionality out of the box – exactly where it should be.

SEO is lucrative.

A good web designer is also trained in the art of search engine optimization; this means your website won’t only look great; it’ll come up in search engine results too. This is something that’s essential for businesses looking to gain new customers (and what business isn’t?).

It’s a time-saver

If you own a business, you know that time = money. The more time you end up spending trying to build a website, the less you’ll have to innovate and grow your business. Hiring a top web designer means handing over the reins and focusing on what you do best – running your business.

They’ve got the whole picture.

Your website is one component of your digital marketing plan. A good web designer knows this, and will build your site to integrate seamlessly with your digital marketing initiatives, including social media and content marketing. When you hire a designer with the big picture in mind, you’re more likely to experience a successful digital marketing strategy.

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