If there’s one thing we get asked a lot by businesses attempting to “get social,” it’s “What do I post?” While there’s no end to the types of content you can post (and see successful results from) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’re particularly fond of humor. That said, many businesses are afraid to be funny on social media because they risk offending someone.

Being Funny with Social Media

That’s a legitimate risk, but there are lots of benefits to using humor in a social setting. Here are a few of our favorites:

It gets noticed.

When posts are too benign, they tend to die on the vine. After all, no one is going to comment on a breaking post that the sky is blue. But when you post a funny video or photo, that content almost invariably gets noticed. Sure, getting noticed means you have more risk of offending, but you also have more eyeballs on your brand – which is your primary objective.

It triggers emotions.

The purpose of posting content on Las Vegas social media is to trigger a response in your fans and followers. Humor does just that. Whether people can relate to the irony of the post, or if they simply laugh out loud and get that surge of endorphins that only humor can provide, an emotional response is a success.

It’s unifying.

There’s something about laughing with people that bonds you to them. The same can be said for laughing with your favorite brand. Think about it; when you discover something hilarious, you quickly share it with others – you want to spread the laughter (and be the first person to “discover” the funny content).

It helps you get to know your audience.

Did you go too far with that joke? Your audience will let you know. Did they all relate to it? They’ll tell you that too. Using humor on Las Vegas social media is a great way to help you gauge the likes, dislikes and – importantly – the sensitivity of your audience. Sure, you might offend one or two along the way, but hey, it’s all for laughs.

Are you “socially” funny? Tell us your best post!