las vegas drone videography

Constant innovation is the key to staying relevant, and at NeONBRAND, that’s exactly what we’re doing when it comes to putting your website over the top (of awesome)! We’re stoked to announce a little something we’ve been working on bringing our customers: drone videography service. Not sure if drone photography and videography are what you need? Here are a few reasons you might just find it irresistible:

Unique Images

Do you ever feel like everyone else has the exact stock photography on their sites that you have on yours? That’s the thing with generic photos – you’ll never be quite as unique as you hope to be. By using beautiful, professional aerial photographs, you’ll have imagery that blows your competition out of the water. Stock photography? Who needs it when you have this kind of beautiful.

Relevant Images

Do you have real estate to sell? Hoping to showcase the size of your office, grounds or venue? Trying to make an impactful statement about your service? Want to uniquely cover an event? Aerial photography and videography can do this in a way that no other photography can. That’s because, by using drones, we can capture imagery that’s just impossible to get from the ground – even with the most capable of photographers.

Social Impact

When was the last time you saw a stock photograph go viral on Facebook? The awesome thing about drone photography and videography is that the footage is so impactful that it’s easy to generate excitement, which often translates into social shares. Believe us: if it’s impactful enough, people will pass it on.

Professional Look

Rich, unique imagery instantly gives your website a high-end, professional feel. And that’s exactly the kind of impact you’re looking to have on customers and potential customers. With drone photography and videography, you can’t fail; your images and videos are guaranteed to be dramatic and beautiful, because you have a perspective no one else has.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box way to make your website and social strategy “pop,” we’ve got just the drone for you.