Facebook’s Most Discussed Topics of 2015

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It’s nearing the end of the year, and that means we’re taking a look back down memory lane – Facebook’s memory lane, that is. It’s pretty easy to tell what topics were hot and top of mind in 2015 by studying what people posted (and shared) on the world’s most popular social media platform. According … Continued

4 Ways to Take “The Force” Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you’re currently standing in line waiting to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, well, we can’t say we’re not surprised. For the better part of a year, Star Wars pandemonium has awakened, well everywhere. And when it comes to truly making a mark on digital marketing, the beloved franchise really knows what it’s doing. … Continued

Your 2016 Digital Marketing Bucket List

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We’re approaching the end of the year, and chances are, that means you’re reflecting on your marketing efforts over the past year. As you assess what you’ve done this year, you’ll naturally begin thinking of all those things you wish you’d done. Before you determine your goals for the coming year, think about everything you’d … Continued

10 Little-Known Facts About Thanksgiving to Share With Your Customers

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It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and that means it’s time to reach out to customers to let them know you appreciate them. This year, why not give their mind a little gift too? Interesting Turkey-day Facts These interesting facts about Thanksgiving are perfect to share on social media or via text, email, or on your … Continued

Tis the Season… to Get Social!

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The holiday season is riiiiight around the corner, and if you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level this season, maybe it’s time you got social. The holidays are the perfect time of year to really make your social media strategy work for you; here’s how to make the holidays … Continued

6 Great Social Media Campaigns for Thanksgiving

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It’s November, and that means it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you’re a turkey, that is. If you’re looking to get a little festive with your social media marketing – and you should – go for it! Here are 6 ways to work the upcoming holiday into your Thanksgiving social media marketing … Continued

All of the Top Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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After having put this whole, very long blog post together, I got to thinkin’. It would be really slick if you could track your progress here. So I built a little checkbox tracker for anyone who logs in. It actually allows you to save your progress so you don’t have to sit and do the … Continued

Auto Trash Delete

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The purpose of this plugin is to provide a way to automatically delete your trash at a certain number of days, over-riding the default 30 day limit imposed by WordPress. Fewer days in the trash results in a more optimized database. How to Install the Auto Trash Delete Plugin Method 1: Upload auto-trash-delete folder to … Continued

6 Ways to Market Socially During Halloween

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When it comes to social media marketing, we tend to get one common question: “But what do we post?” That’s why we love holidays – they’re universal (generally) and offer up a lot of excuses to get your customers engaging with you on social media. Here are a few ways to leverage our upcoming season … Continued

How to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

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Got a great home page for your business’s web site? Well, it may not matter so much to your potential customers. While we’re the first to say that image is everything in web marketing, customers may never see that brilliant intro that graces your site’s home page. Why? Social media is one of the main … Continued

Pubcon Takeaways

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Last week I had the privilege of attending one of the longest running digital marketing conferences right here in Las Vegas. Pubcon is an annual event that covers everything SEO and Social Media related. I had a great time and learned tons of really great things. We just finished our Monthly SEO Meetup and covered … Continued

5 Tips for Video Marketing Newbies

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So you know that video marketing is the norm in the world of advertising. That said, if you’ve never created a marketing video before, you might be a bit intimidated by this new medium. That’s why we’ve got some stellar tips that will have you video marketing in no time. Keep it Short The easy … Continued

5 Tips for Upping Your Facebook Marketing Game

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There’s no doubt that social media marketing can lead to big-time, real-world results. And when you’re jumping into the world of social marketing, Facebook is often the most natural venue; after all, most of us are familiar with the platform, and when it comes to reaching a huge audience, no other social media platform comes … Continued

Instagram for Business: 6 Creative Ways You Can Use It

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You might have Facebook and Twitter conquered, but has your business tapped into the “picturesque” platform that’s gaining popularity (and users) at an incredible rate? Instagram for Business is one of the best tools to leverage social media in their marketing strategies. Here are a few easy ways you can give this platform a whirl: … Continued

5 SEO Trends You Need to Know This Year

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Just when you think you’ve mastered the art of search engine optimization, the game changes. With search engines constantly refining (and sometimes, redefining) their algorithms and parameters, SEO has become a constantly evolving art. In fact, SEO methods of today are starkly different than in past years. Here are the trends that are making waves … Continued

Web Design Best Practices

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No one wants an ordinary website. That said, in the world of web design, there are a few cardinal rules – and they weren’t exactly made to be broken. Regardless of how innovative and cutting-edge your website is, if you’re not following these web design best practices, you could be losing your audience. Easy Navigation Even … Continued

5 Reasons You Need a Good Web Designer

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These days, your website isn’t just an add-on to your business; for many companies, a website is the very foundation of their business. That’s why building your website well from the start is so important – not to mention finding the right designer to do just that. After all, you wouldn’t pour the foundation for … Continued

4 Common Web Design Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Your website might look great, but if it’s not usable, your customers probably won’t care about your cool photography, awesome flash animation and killer videos. That’s why, sometimes, it’s important to head back to the beginning – and make sure that your website is delivering on one basic promise: it’s easy to use. Common Web … Continued