Any business with a physical location should be using local search engine optimization. However, local SEO, though very important, is not always simple. It requires knowledge of the many techniques and methods that will get Google to notice you, as well as an abundance of time. Ignoring local SEO is a huge mistake, particularly if you are a local business. It’s very easy for your competitors to get ahead of you if your site isn’t optimized and theirs is. Fortunately, you can gain the advantage back with a few changes to your site and some hard work. From ensuring that your NAP is the same everywhere online and getting quality reviews to linkbuilding and increasing the number of citations that you have, there are multiple ways to boost your rankings. These methods could help you move right past the competition and into first place in the search results. The coveted place for most physical businesses is the local pack or carousel and optimization is your best bet for getting there. Don’t miss out on a huge increase in sales. It may take a while to get your site completely up to speed for local search terms, but it is well worth the effort. Whether you choose to handle your own search engine optimization or hire an expert in the field, don’t ignore local SEO. It can be an incredibly powerful force on your side and it would be a huge mistake not to take advantage of every benefit that local optimization can give your website.