Link Building is incredibly important for the SEO rankings of your website on search engines. Link building is the “popular vote” of the ranking algorithms, the more votes you get, the more Google can tell how popular you are. Each backlink you obtain is like another person putting your name in the voting box, the more votes, the more likely you are to win the ranking!

Link building can be a very arduous process, which is why when done properly you can quickly outrank your competitors. Link building is also the most scrutinized part of the ranking algorithm as it has a very messy past.

When link building was first added to the ranking algorithms, black-hat SEO techniques manipulated link building and created huge networks that tricked the algorithms into ranking sites that were not actually popular. This caused backlinks to get a bad wrap, forcing Google to introduce penalties for those participating in the trickery.

When done properly, via link outreach or just by creating valuable sharable content, link building is possibly the biggest differentiator in a successful SEO campaign.

How to Use a Backlink Checker

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Who’s linking to your website? You can’t do SEO without backlinks, and you can’t build backlinks blind. Let’s talk about how to use a backlink checker to find opportunities.

SEO 101: High Quality Content and Links

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today at Work In Progress, NeONBRAND founder Kenny Eliason presented at the SEO 101 Meetup. Attendees learned how to get their websites to rank highest on Google. Kenny broke website rankings down to a nutshell. For those new to SEO, there are two key ingredients to a high ranking website: high quality content and links. The … Continued

SEO Tips and Tricks

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The beautiful part about search engine optimization is that the core strategies never change, those being producing high-quality content and generating high-quality links. There are tons of ways to produce low-quality content and generate low-quality links, but Google is getting better and better at detecting that garbage. Your safest investment for SEO in 2015 is your … Continued

Relevant Content Improves SEO Link-Building

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to link-building for search engine optimization, many online marketers make the mistake of running content that has little chance of being published or that will reach only a handful of relevant readers. The most effective Web links are naturally obtained links coming from sites that have high readership levels among consumers that … Continued

Building Links Part 2: Track the Money Honey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’ve established that link building has changed.  It has to be done differently.  We have yet to discuss one of the changes that needs the most attention however.  It is now imperative to track where links come from, and not just for penalty purposes.  Of course if you have tons of links to your page … Continued

Building Links Part 1: The New World of Link Building – Broken Links

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Some are saying link building is thing of the past, but that isn’t entirely true. In fact, link building is as important as it ever was, but for different reasons. There is a different ideology behind successful link building these days, and it has to be handled differently to account for that. Out with the Old … Continued