Biggest Social Media Myths for Business

Is your business ready to take your marketing social? Fricken sweet! Social media is an effective way to gain brand exposure, promote your products and connect with your customers – not to mention gather business leads and, most importantly, make sales.

There are a lot of social media myths for business out there – and we’re ready to bust a few of them.

Social Media Myths for Business

I just need to set up an account.

If only it were that easy. While setting your business up on the appropriate platforms is a big step in implementing a social media strategy, it’s definitely not the only step.

Social media marketing actually takes a big time and resource commitment to be effective. Generating sales leads and new business will follow… eventually.

It’s going to take up all my time.

While social media does take a time commitment, it doesn’t have to take over all your time. In fact, posting engaging content and keeping up with online conversations can quickly become a natural part of your workflow.

Of course, if you don’t have the resources, a social media agency might just be the way to go (and we can likely recommend one).

Everything I post should go viral.

While that’s a lofty goal, most of your posts aren’t going to break the internet. And that’s not a bad thing. Even videos, photos, tweets and blog posts that don’t go viral are great for your business.

What you’re really doing is slowly (and sometimes quickly) building a steady stream of followers and online connections. The more you post, the greater your following and the more likely your audience will be to share and engage.

Social Media is just for the young people.

myths about social media

Even if your target audience is older, you can still benefit from social media marketing. In fact, social statistics are skewing older in recent years, with more than half of people ages 50-64 using social media platforms.

I have to post constantly.

Actually, constantly posting will likely do you a disservice. Instead of focusing on the frequency of your posts, focus on the quality. Is your content truly relevant and engaging to your audience?

As you post and assess the analytics of your efforts, you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t.

That said, you do need to post regularly – just not constantly.

What are your Social Media Myths?

We know there are more social media myths than the few we’ve outlined here. We need your help coming up with the rest!

Have you gotten social? What’s the biggest social media myth you’ve debunked?