Saving Face on Facebook

If you haven’t Googled yourself, you better get to it. You might be surprised at what you find. Your online footprint through the use of Facebook and Twitter might be less than awesome, at least according to a potential employer. If your pictures and status updates aren’t exactly screaming “CEO material,” you may want to figure out how to erase your online past.

Privacy has become a real issue with people joining the online community. People may not realize that their Facebook and Twitter activity are easily¬†discovered. Those pictures you took “just to be funny” could come back to haunt you when your potential employer finds them while searching your name on the Internet. Most employers are using search engines to screen potential employees, so you better make sure your internet presence is something to be proud of.

So it might be a good idea to untag those photos from spring break and start that blog about world peace.  You will be sure to score points with your new and improved positive online reputation.