Secure Your Facebook Page

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Want to keep your Facebook account safe from hackers? A little-known feature on Facebook will help you stay on top of your Facebook account and everyone who’s accessing it. The feature provides you with notifications every time a person accesses it from a new computer. You can receive both email and SMS notifications about the … Continued

Top 50 Brands on Facebook

Reading Time: < 1 minute provides some interesting statistics on different brands and how they have been doing on building and maintaining their fan bases. Some of the leaders are obvious, but others might be a little surprising. A Few Top Brands #1 YouTube – 5,726,379 fans, valued at $18,746,100 #5 Dr. Pepper – 1,827,828 fans, value: $12,875,074 #6 … Continued

Facebook in the U.K.

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In case you missed it. Yesterday the Prime Minister’s office posted a video of a conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and the David Cameron, the new U.K. prime minister, discussing a new initiative to engage citizens for ideas on reducing the country’s deficit. While it’s interesting to see the country engage its citizens I can only … Continued

Saving Face on Facebook

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If you haven’t Googled yourself, you better get to it. You might be surprised at what you find. Your online footprint through the use of Facebook and Twitter might be less than awesome, at least according to a potential employer. If your pictures and status updates aren’t exactly screaming “CEO material,” you may want to … Continued

Facebook Fans Spend More Money

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A social media marketing company called Syncapse surveyed 4,000 people who have “Liked” the top 20 brands that have pages on Facebook and figured out exactly how valuable those “fans” are. They did what? The study (“The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical Review”) estimates that someone who has Liked a brand will spend … Continued

Facebook Gifts!

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A very easy way of showing that you care about your customers is giving them a nice gift that they can actually enjoy. Of course sending them a virtual rose is sweet, or giving them some rare sword on a Facebook game is nice, but when it comes down to it, giving them something actually useful … Continued

Guide to Facebook Ads

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Marketing on Facebook has become one of the most powerful small business tools that have ever existed in the history of ever. And we’re totally not prone to exaggeration. Seriously, though, Facebook ads are everything a DIY marketer could possibly want: User-friendlyInexpensiveEffectiveLucrative Like every other type of marketing in existence, to get the best results, you’ll … Continued

A Cool Little Facebook Helper

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This is such an awesome tip! And it really works. If you have more than 100 friends on Facebook, this will save you a TON of time. How to Select all your Facebook Friends at Once. Marketing to your friends on Facebook can get annoying fast – legging groups come to mind immediately – but there … Continued