When was the last time you Googled something? Chances are it was sometime in the last 24 hours — or maybe even within the last few minutes! You’re not alone in your affinity for using Google to answer your most burning questions. On an average day, Google processes about 3.5 billion searches. That breaks down to about 40,000 searches per second.

So how can you make sure your business is showing up in as many of these billions of searches as possible? 

Hiring a qualified, high-quality SEO expert to handle your SEO strategy is a great place to start. A bona fide SEO expert can make a world of difference in the kind of traffic your site attracts. 

As you climb in the rankings on search engines, more consumers will be able to see your site when they search for related content. Good SEO leads to higher website traffic and improved visibility and credibility for your brand.

This is where a quality SEO consultant comes in to help elevate your rankings and draw in more business. If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and you’re looking for a Las Vegas SEO expert to make it happen, make sure to avoid these three major mistakes.  

1. Don’t Fall for Fake “Experts”

As you start looking for SEO agencies in Las Vegas, make sure that your top picks have a tangible track record of first-hand SEO experience. There are many agencies claiming to be the cream of the crop, but nothing is stopping these companies from advertising with unfounded claims of success.

Always ask consultant candidates how long they’ve worked with SEO. Ask them what services they can provide to get a sense of their comfort level with search engine optimization practices.

Read Reviews

A great way to evaluate the quality of your next potential SEO consultant is to do your research and read any available reviews. Consider these questions:

  • Did the customer experience any positive results?
  • Did they encounter any issues with the SEO consultant?
  • How were their issues resolved? 
  • Is the feedback overwhelmingly positive or negative?
  • Are there enough reviews listed to establish credibility?

If you’re unable to find viable reviews on your potential SEO consultant, move on! One of your most valuable tools in determining the legitimacy of a consultant is feedback from real customers.

The agency should also be able to show you reviews or results from real clients they have worked with. Ask them to see some real-life results.

Look for Recent Experience

Search engine optimization is a fast-moving business. Trends shift constantly, and it’s vital that consultants stay up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes. When looking for an SEO marketing expert in Las Vegas, it is essential to find someone who has recent experience.

Decades of experience can seem appealing, but it doesn’t matter if the consultant isn’t well-versed on current SEO trends. 

Ask About Specialization

Asking your consultant prospect if there’s any specific area of SEO they specialize in can tell you a lot about a self-proclaimed expert’s past experience. Having a highly specific experience is not a deal-breaker — you might be looking for someone to help your brand develop a particular area of SEO, like content creation or implementing better strategy. However, if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to your site, you should seek a consultant with diverse, well-rounded experience.

2. Don’t Settle

If there is something about your potential consultant that doesn’t fit perfectly with your brand, keep looking! It’s always worth it to take the time to find the right match for your Las Vegas business. 

Find a Consultant Who Listens to Your Goals

Take the time to consider your business priorities and goals before reaching out to a prospective SEO marketing expert. When querying agencies, ask your potential consultant how they would plan to help you meet your goals.

You need an SEO expert who is willing to take the time to get to know your brand and work with you. Your potential Las Vegas SEO consultant should be able to articulate an actionable strategy. Find one who can confidently communicate their game plan for a competitive SEO strategy.

Find an Expert Willing to Customize

Your brand is unique, and it deserves an approach to SEO that is completely customized to your needs. A consultant should offer a custom strategy, with points specifically designed to meet your business goals. An expert SEO consultant will know that even a customized plan must be updated from time to time based on their analysis. 

3. Don’t Go for The Quick Fix

SEO rankings are built over time. There are plenty of agencies who promise quick fixes and instant results, but don’t be fooled — great results come from a meticulous process that usually can’t be nailed down in a timeline. SEO improvement is determined by several factors, such as search volume, trends, and the competitive market, all of which change rapidly. 

Many business owners have been tempted by the appeal of agencies who overpromise. Realize that improving SEO takes creativity and nuanced technique, and go with the consultant who can articulate a solid plan rather than a fast one. 

Avoid Shortcuts

If an SEO agency promises instantaneous results, they’re probably purchasing backlinks or using other techniques that break Google’s policies. Using purchased backlinks can damage your rapport and incite penalties from Google. You may be banned from the rankings for specific keywords for a period of time. 

Be Patient

When done right, improving your brand’s SEO will take time — but the results are worth it. Building your rankings the healthy way will help you continuously elevate your SEO standings and reap the beneficial effects for your unique brand  —  all in the context of your local market

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best way to find a high-caliber Las Vegas SEO expert is through thorough research and fact-checking. Remember to:

  • Read reviews about your prospective consultant.
  • Look for recent experience and positive customer interactions.
  • Seek a consultant who meets your specific needs. 
  • Find a consultant who listens to your goals and can articulate an actionable strategy. 
  • Beware of red flags and agencies who promise instant results.
  • Be careful to find a consultant who doesn’t purchase backlinks.
  • Be patient! Great SEO consulting takes time.

If you’re ready to improve your SEO the right way, contact NeONBRAND today to get started. NeONBRAND offers the top-rated SEO services in Las Vegas, so you can be sure you’re working with the real deal.