Over the years since the Internet was created, millions and millions of websites have been created. Google came along in the early years of the Internet and started “crawling”, or, in other words, basically downloading copies of every website it could find.

How did it find websites, you ask? Well in the early years it relied strictly on links from one site to another, and then from that site to another, and so on.

Google then tried to understand the content of a website enough to deliver that site to Internet searchers of the world.

They have clearly been incredibly successful in that effort.

Google SEO

Google SEO, or search engine optimization, has been around almost as long as Google itself. Immediately website owners realized that if they wanted their website to be a sales tool for their business, or even get the attention they wished to receive, Google needed to be able to understand and value their website quickly and easily.

Google SEO techniques started to develop on how exactly ranking a website could be accomplished, and those techniques have continued to grow and develop for over a decade now.

How to Achieve Success with Google SEO

The basis of a successful Google SEO campaign now lies in the quality and consistent promotion of a website. Delivering the best experience possible to visitors by providing a beautiful and unique experience for every person will show Google that your website deserves to rank higher than your competitors who may not have such a great experience.

Social media now plays a vital roll in Google SEO as well, since businesses with a great social presence will likely mean that the company will also provide a great experience for the visitor. Google SEO plays a vital role in the success of making your website not only a portfolio but a salesperson for your business and brand.