SEO is constantly changing and search engine optimization going into the future is no exception. The best way to ensure that your site ranks well on the search engines is to stay on top of the changes and make sure that you adapt to them. Search engine optimization is not just about keywords these days. While using latent semantic indexing techniques throughout your content can help your site get better rankings, you also need to consider other SEO techniques. High quality, optimized content that uses semantic marking will tend to rank higher, but you should also be building quality links and using social media. With so many changes being made and ongoing adjustments to Google’s algorithms, it’s not surprising that many business owners feel overwhelmed. Semantic search requires a fairly steep learning curve. It is certainly possible to learn how to optimize your own site, but more and more people are turning to SEO companies to create the best website possible and to increase rankings. This frees business owners up to work on other aspects of their business. Sites that are flexible enough to adjust to the upcoming changes and tweaks in algorithms will do best in the search engine rankings. Adopt a broad optimization strategy that includes on-page optimization, great content, link building, and social media for the best results. SEO is not dead, as some have proclaimed. In fact, that is as far from the truth as you can get. This year, search engine optimization is more necessary than ever, particularly for sites that have not updated their SEO recently. Stay abreast of any upcoming changes in the search engine algorithms and optimize any and all content on your site to stay ahead in the rankings. Top-quality content, both on your site and on social media sites will also give your pages a boost. Use an overall approach this year, to catch Google’s attention and improve your rankings.