Let’s be honest; you’re good at your business, but you might not be good at everything it takes to run that business. After all, you likely didn’t get into your business because you had a love of overhead and management.

As we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, one thing we’ve learned is that business owners often stress out over their website. That’s not completely without reason, because a great website is essential to any successful business. But we also know that there are ways to make your website easier.

In a word, that’s WordPress. If you’ve never used this amazing, awesome, user-friendly and robust (did we mention awesome?) platform, here’s why you should start.

It’s not that hard

Okay, so you probably don’t have a degree in computer science. With WordPress, that’s okay. WordPress actually has an incredibly intuitive interface and makes basic actions like adding web pages, blog posts or uploading videos and photos a breeze.

You’re not tied to one computer

Need to post an update or review your content on the go? No problem. WordPress is a browser-based platform, so you can access it – and update or revise your website – from anywhere.

You don’t have to know HTML

HTMWhat?!! If you’re not a developer, that’s okay; WordPress doesn’t require HTML or HTML editing software to add pages, create blog posts, upload photos and many other basic features.

You’re driving

Got a designer or developer on standby? What happens when he or she isn’t available, or (heaven forbid) on vacation? No worries; With WordPress, you can control your website easily. That means you can make any needed changes or revisions on your own.

Don’t like the idea of using a basic template on your own site? You don’t have to! WordPress is actually completely customizable, so your website can have the look and feel that’s so important to your brand. Just because you’re using WordPress, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a 100 percent unique site.

Your blog is already set up

Are you finally realizing how important it is to blog on a regular basis? Well, by using WordPress, you’ll already be set up to start posting away. All WordPress sites come with blog capabilities already set up. That’s because WordPress actually started out as a blogging tool, so if you need expert blog assistance, it’s built in.

Search engines will love you

WordPress Help
Get it? Cause they’re hearts.

You may not know much about HTML code, but all you really need to know is this: WordPress’s backend code is simple – and that means its easy for search engines to read. And with unique meta tags and keywords descriptions for each page, you can really rev up that search engine optimization strategy (you have one, right?).

It’s limitless

You might be a small business now, but in two or three years, who knows where you’ll be? WordPress is a great option because it can grow with you. You can literally include hundreds of thousands of pages on WordPress. That’s a whole lot of content.

You can put everyone to work

Don’t have the bandwidth to maintain a website all by your lonesome? No worries. WordPress allows you to have multiple users who can do a number of different things. Give your employees free reign or limited access; it’s all your prerogative.

It comes with accessories, too

Who doesn’t love a few extras? WordPress has all the plug-ins you need to really make your website count. Use WordPress to link to social media, create an event calendar or submission form – the tools are all there for you to use.

Are you ready to get started on WordPress but not sure where to begin? NeONBRAND has you covered. So give us a call if you’ve got questions about WordPress and really want to master it.