Why have videos on your website? Simple: we don’t like to read. It takes too much time. You’re reading this now, but wouldn’t you rather be watching me in a bikini telling you that videos are right for your website?

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You got lucky, this time.

Seriously, though. Your videos will not only create more channel to your website, but people will be more likely to stay on your site if there is a quality video posted. And I’m not talking about a video of you and your camera phone. I’m talking about a good, quality video.

Uhh, how many hits did Old Spice get after their famous I’m-on-a-horse commercial aired? Oh, I don’t know. Somewhere around A BILLION OR SOMETHING.

I first saw that commercial in a movie theater. It aired right before the previews. And you know what? It was all I could remember from the film. I don’t even know what movie I saw! All I remembered is that I needed some Old Spice quick-fast.

I’m not saying that you have to be quirky like Old Spice. However, I am saying that a high-quality video will significantly improve your website.

The Power of Videos.

People like videos. People share videos. People talk about videos. We live in a YouTube culture. A video gets the point across without having to the work of reading. (Who has time for that? Except you… right now… reading this post.)

For that I thank you, and I’ll treat you by ending this blog right…