Social Media Therapy

If you’ve spent some significant time on a comfy chaise lounge at your therapist’s office, don’t be ashamed (we don’t think you’re a nut job, we promise….). In fact, everything you learned doing couch-time can actually help you in an unexpected way – your social media campaign.

Social Media Today writer Bill Rice is opening up (wouldn’t his doc be proud?) about the social media tips he learned in therapy. Bill’s tips are actually great ideas for any relationship – especially the virtual ones.

What should you do?

Communicate open and honestly – the only way to build trust is through honesty. Keep your word – that goes back to the “H” word from above. Take responsibility – got a complaint or made a mistake? Don’t run (or delete). Address. Bring something of value to the relationship: give your fans a reason to keep coming back. Invite input – can’t take criticism? It’s time to start. Ask for your customers’ input and you just might learn something. Now get off the couch and socialize.