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Social ResolutionIf you’re keeping up with the times, you probably put a lot of thought and –dare we say—action into social media this year. And as 2010 draws to a close, you may be tempted to find complacency in your current social media situation.

“On Guard!” dear entrepreneur, for 2011 brings with it even more reason to ensure that your business is fervently utilizing social media on a daily basis.

That’s right, we said daily. And with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and FourSquare all available, what excuse is there not to?

Resolutions for You

Well, none, obviously. That’s why we’ve made a few resolutions for you – and they have nothing to do with diets or gym classes.

  • In 2011, it’s imperative to build an identity along with your brand. Profiles on various sites are not enough. What do you want others to think when they see your logo? Think about it – then create it.
  • Stay active – in moderation. It may seem daunting, but updating your status or posting a link can be a matter of a few simple minutes. But the result can be priceless – getting onto your customer’s screens and into their heads.
  • Set quantitative goals – Setting real goals to connect with a certain number of people can allow you to measure your success.
  • Expand your options – don’t limit yourself just to Facebook. Other social media platforms can be useful and perhaps more appropriate for your business.
  • Listen to the rumors – find out what others are saying about you and use it to improve business. Yelp and Google merchants are great ways to measure your customer feedback.
  • Promote your business – you may think that if you build it, they’ll come, but the truth of the matter is that your social media should be promoted offline as well. Get the word out in your store, at your office, via paper advertising or direct mailers. Let your customers know where to look – and they will.

Here’s to a socially successful 2011.

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