I’m a pretty accomplished Facebooker. I was one of the early adopters in the days when Facebook was only for college students, and I started marketing on Facebook way back in 2010 before a lot of social media marketers even created their first profile.

Even after the years I’ve spent working with Facebook, I still find there’s always something new to learn. It seems like there’s an update to the Ads Manager every couple of days, and there are so many little settings and features to discover.

Mostly, those new things are minor features, so when I decided to check out Facebook Blueprint, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Maybe I’d find a useful tip or two, and it seemed like a good way to stay up to date on the latest tools…

But what I found blew my mind.

Free facebook marketing courses in Facebook Blueprint
Blew my mind in like, a multi-spectrum kind of way.

Facebook Blueprint is My New Secret Weapon

Facebook Blueprint, formerly called Facebook Exceed LMS, is a catalog of free courses that cover all sorts of Facebook marketing topics.

From beginner Facebook Ads training to more advanced marketing courses, there’s so much knowledge available free of charge. The internet is full of online courses that will teach you a little bit about social media marketing for a price, but you can learn directly from Facebook without paying a dime.

Blueprint courses cover Instagram topics, too, with almost 30 courses that walk you through everything you need to know about using the platform for marketing, sales, and business.

Instagram changed their branding
I thought I knew you, Instagram.

Courses can be sorted by “difficulty” from beginner to advanced, but even if you’re an experienced marketer with mad skills, do yourself a favor and start with the introductory courses anyway. You’ll find all kinds of “basic” features that you never knew existed.

For example, did you know that Facebook Rights Manager helps monitor your audio and video intellectual property to prevent abuse? It’s pretty cool, and you can learn how to use it in Facebook Blueprint.

Facebook Blueprint is a gold mine for entrepreneurs who are taking the DIY approach to their marketing, and for people who use social media marketing in their day-to-day careers, it can give you that all important competitive edge.

Want to learn how to increase online sales? There’s a course section for that.

Trying to generate leads and drive offline traffic from Facebook? There’s a course for that.

There’s even a course that covers how to use Facebook and Instagram to complement and extend your television marketing campaigns.

It’s incredible that all of those courses, from beginner to advanced, are 100% free. You can learn everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook platforms directly from the source, and you’re not going to pay an upcharge to access the most useful information.

Unbeatable Value in Online Learning

The bottom line is that the free Facebook marketing courses in Blueprint are way better than I expected, and if you spend some time in the course catalogue, you’ll find something that makes a positive difference in your social strategy.

Check it out, then share your favorite courses in the comments.