To: Businesses, Love: Facebook

We know – all you want for Christmas is a rocking horse, an iPad and some social media insight. Well, you’ll have to talk to the big guy in red about the horse and the Mac, but Facebook has taken care of the social media insight.

Remember when you posted status updates, links and photos and just didn’t know who was seeing them (if anyone)? Remember that uncertainty, that general feeling of unease? Well, fear not, business leader: for Facebook has saved the day, courtesy of its new “Post Insights” feature.

Post Insights.

Post insights allow business page administrators the ability to see exactly what kind of impact their posts have made – and what your customers and fans have (and will!) react to. Confused? Facebook explains the feature themselves:

The number of impressions displayed for a post is the raw number of impressions shown to users. These impressions may appear in users’ News Feeds, visits to Pages or through a Fan Box widget. For example, a user may load up their homepage and somewhere in their stream will be your story. While not all users are necessarily viewing that story (as they may have to scroll down), Facebook made a request for your story so it counts as an ‘impression.’

By keeping track of your post impressions, you’ll be able to gauge exactly what interests your customers and fans – and use it to generate more content that will stimulate your Facebook masses. See? Now you’re a marketing guru too. Now about that iPad, Santa…