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Checking Your SourcesEnter a choir or preacher metaphor here, but we’re not done spreading the good word (well, if not the good word, then at least some good words). Fence-sitters take note: there are now, even more, reasons to outsource the social media needs of your small business. We went to the experts (or at least someone who got published on the inter-web), who have highlighted five reasons you should outsource your social media.

Outsource Your Social Media.

Just as you wouldn’t go to your jeweler for a 90,000-mile-service, you probably shouldn’t turn to your billing or customer service department to handle your blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Outsourcing your social media can lend your company the marketing expertise it may otherwise lack.

Additionally, an outside company (like, um, us?) has speed and resource on their side. There’s no “learning curve” when going straight to the experts. Not to mention it’s a whole lot cheaper than bringing on someone full-time to help make sure you’re cool on Facebook or keep up a pithy blog.

Now, if we could outsource visits to the DMV . . .

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