Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Social Media?

Big Bad Social Media

Uh oh… we said the S word. Stop! Don’t head for the door.

Social media may seem “trendy,” but it also facilitates the easiest and cheapest exposure you can get for your business. Why then, are so many companies afraid to take the plunge into all things social? Well, believe us: we’ve heard the excuses. And we’re here to tell you why your reasoning, well, sucks (respectfully). Do any of the following sound a bit familiar?

People might say bad things about me!

We get it. You’re protective of your business. You built it. You nurtured it. And, like any good mother, you don’t want to stand idly about while someone mistreats your baby. We understand that mentality; however, what you may be overlooking is the fact that just because your customers do not have a public forum in which to vent, doesn’t mean that a few of them may not be disgruntled, unsatisfied, or even angry. What social media can help you do is to open a dialogue with those customers and maybe even win them back. And as for your business’s genuine fans – you might be surprised to see them jump to your defense. Plus, your potential customers will respect you for addressing unsatisfied customers with friendliness and concern.

My employees don’t need another excuse to chat online all day!

You might think that introducing social media to your business will give your employees justification to waste time around the office. Sure, that fear could be valid in some ways, but we find that implementing a social media campaign can actually do more to unite a company “family” than any other business initiative. Not to mention that social media access to sites like LinkedIn and FourSquare can keep your employees up-to-date and savvy on industry trends and other relevant news. And don’t forget that it’s probably the job of many of your employees to offer superb service to your customers. Well, social media facilitates doing just that – easier and faster than ever.

I can’t measure the success of my campaign.

Since it’s difficult to see a traditional ROI on a social media campaign, you may be tempted to throw in the towel before you’re even in the (social) ring. And while you may not be able to link a direct uptick in revenues to your social media efforts, there are definite tools that enable you to track just how much exposure your company is attracting. Obviously, we’d love to help you do this, but there are simple tools you can use online that can help you measure website hits, social media mentions, etc. If you’re starting to hear your business name tossed around more than before, chances are your social media efforts are not vain.

My marketing budget is already overstretched.

Think you can’t afford to implement a social media campaign? Well, you’re probably wrong. In fact, social media is one of the most inexpensive ways you can market your company. Think about it: almost every major social media site is free to join and free to use. Sure, you can spend a chunk of change on social media advertising, a custom-designed blog space, etc., but getting started is essentially free. As long as you can dedicate some personnel to keep your sites fresh and updated, you can afford a social media plan. Of course, there are some resources out there (cough-NeONBRAND-cough) that can do the legwork for you and customize the plan with your budget.

I don’t get it.

Yeah, we know. Not everyone grew up in a household where “Oh, so I saw on Facebook…” was the start of a dinner conversation. But don’t be intimidated by social media. Most platforms are highly intuitive and user-friendly (and if you disagree just ask any sixth-grader out there). Additionally, if you’ve ever created a marketing plan or promotional strategy, you likely already have all the resources you need to begin to create your overall social strategy. Obviously, if you need some help getting started, that’s where we can help.

Not to sound like your mother, but you’re out of excuses. Getting starting is the easy part – seeing results? That’s where the fun really begins.