You may be intimidated by the thought of a large, complex SEO strategy, but what are some ways you can rank better in Google today?

When it comes to search engine optimization, it can be easy to get overwhelmed at the idea of creating and implementing a large and complex content strategy. But what you may not know is that there are simple things you can do today that help you rank better in Google. Here are our top four.

Rank better in Google

  1. Choose a strategic title tag: You know that text at the top of your browser window? That’s what’s known as your “title tag,” and search engines use this to determine the basic relevance of your page. This text is also what users see as a “preview” when your page shows up on a Google search. Update your length to about 60 characters, and incorporate your best keywords!
  2. Keywords: Speaking of keywords, this is an SEO basic. To rank higher in Google, you need to define keywords that describe your business, your products and your services. For instance, if you’re a carpet cleaning in Reno, Nevada, one of your main keywords may be “carpet cleaning in Reno.” Your identified keywords can be “sprinkled” throughout your text and especially in your headings and title tags.
  3. Link up! A great way to improve your search ranking on Google is to get good, reputable sources to link to you. How do you do this? Starting a business blog is a great way to not only offer your customers quality content, but is also a way to encourage other sites to link to you. Think about it; what expertise does your company have that your customers would be interested in learning more about?
  4. Get social: Social media is a great way to build a following and encourage link-building. A strong social media presence also helps you rank better in Google. Establishing a presence (and then becoming active) on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter can help you engage your customers while improving your SEO rankings.