SEO New Year’s Resolutions

Are you trying to get off the couch and exercise more? Are you finally quitting smoking? How about adding money to that stock account or 401(k)?

If you’re like most of us, you’re likely reflecting on the past year and determining how you can improve in the year to come.

But if you run a business, you may want to give those resolutions a business spin. After all, the best resolutions come with a return on investment, right?

This year, up your digital game by following our SEO New Year’s Resolutions.

Top SEO New Year’s Resolutions

Clean House

You may want to de-junk your home this year or even shed some weight yourself, but what about your website? Your site is one of your primary marketing vehicles, so it may deserve a New Year’s cleaning. If your pages are stuffed with disparate content that only serves to overwhelm and confuse your customers, it’s time to simplify.

Get Social

You might be late to the party, but if you haven’t launched your business into the social sphere there’s no time like the present! To reach your customers, you need to hang out where they do – and that’s probably online! Use 2016 as the time to highlight your products, services, events and employees on social media – and build your SEO results while you do it.

Get Involved

The more your business gets talked about, the better your SEO results will be. Get involved in the community by sponsoring and participating in local charities, events and service projects. You’ll feel good doing it and reap the SEO benefits when your company is referenced online.

Content, Content, Content

After you’ve cleared the disparate, confusing content from your site, think about your new content very strategically. The best content helps your customer do something or learn something – and want to share it with others. Speak to your customers about their needs – no one wants to hear about you all the time. And be sure to focus on quality over quantity. This is what Google rewards!

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