It is easy to say that content is the key to SEO.  It is easy to say that keywords no longer reign and that interesting, usable content alone is what gets your site not only found but searched for.

Great content gives readers what they want. If they search to find the answer to a question, a site with great content will answer that question and answer it well. However, there could be a number of sites that answer the same question just as well or better. What is to keep them from choosing one of those sites over yours if they all show up in the search results? The answer is unique content.

The Definition of Unique Content

The definition of unique content may seem obvious, but it may not be what you think. Unique content for the purposes of SEO does not simply mean that the piece passes Copyscape, meaning it is not plagiarized. 

For the purposes of being optimized for search engines, content should answer a question that no one else has answered yet, or at least that no one has answered as well as you have. It may be a question that readers do not even know they need to ask. When they search for a topic, you could tell them something they didn’t even know they needed to know.

Why is Unique Content so Important?

If you succeed in putting unique content out there, you will see huge search engine results. Pair such content with other SEO practices, and the results could be off the charts. Why is this? The search engines know what is out there.

If you run a business that sells hunting equipment, and your business’ blog is one of the first to run a post about the newest and greatest piece of hunting equipment on the market, the search engines will likely pick it up very quickly—assuming it meets the other requirements for good SEO practices. This is because it is fresh, new content that satisfies what readers want.

Unique content results in greater traffic for your site, which translates into higher profits.

Kenny Eliason

How do you come up with such content? Never stop looking. Stay informed. Keep your eyes open day and night for the next hot topic and jump on it before anyone else does.

Remember the information offered still has to be thorough and interesting, but if it is fresh and new it will go even further, faster. Scour newsfeeds and pay attention to other forms of media as well.

Remember, if you read it online it is already there. It is only a matter of time before someone else finds it and beats you to the punch.

Once you have your hot topic, make it count. Follow all other best SEO practices, or maybe even find an expert who knows how to make sure your content is up to par and follows other optimization methods as well.