Many online marketers make the mistake of slapping up web pages that aren’t fully optimized and many times not working properly and fail to meet their full potential when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

When Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines rank web pages for keyword relevancy, the pages have to be working perfectly, the content relevant to keywords and provide a unique user experience upon which Google algorithms and other search engines place a great deal of emphasis. To ensure web pages are fully optimized for SEO purposes, site developers need to run through a short checklist to ensure compliance and better user experiences.

Clearly Understood and Relevant Content is King

Before publishing a landing page on a website, developers need to ensure the content is written clearly and using the same terminology that people most interested in the topic will understand and to which they can relate. Any ambiguous wording or other information should be eliminated so that the content will closely reflect the keywords intended to pull in online traffic. Providing design for the page that visitors find compelling also helps to ensure great user experience and better rankings on search engines. The layout needs to make it easy for site visitors to navigate the page and has important information readily accessible and near the top.

Ensure Buttons and Links Work and Forms Aren’t Too long

To help enhance the user experience and to prevent losing potential customers, site developers must ensure all links and buttons work and won’t have a negative impact on business efforts and SEO rankings on search engines. When putting up a form for visitors to fill out, whether intended for sales, data gathering or other purposes, the form should ask only for the information truly needed and not have more than five fields. If a form is too long, the lead can be lost if the visitor tires quickly. If the form is too short, then important information will be lacking.

How thoroughly do you check all of your web pages?