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Blogging is a valuable component to website content. To get a good blog going, you’ll need more than just a few writers who can crank out posts all day. For well written, scrupulously edited articles that pass the SEO bill, build your blogging team using these key tips.

Hire Exceptional Writers and Researchers

To start, you want to score writers who display exceptional writing and researching skills. Writers savvy of grammar, style and rhetoric have the ability to take the driest content and freshen it up. This is essential if your blog deals with topics that can go rather stale without a splash of creativity, i.e. law, medicine or real estate. These writers should also know how to research and reference multiple sources in order to create blog content. You can always spot an article that has been well researched by its varied examples, opinions and comprehensive facts. Well researched blogs don’t have the feel of content ripped from a single source, which makes for more authoritative, well rounded posts.

Keep a Meticulous Editor

A good editor tailors the blog’s language to fit the company’s image. Posts that require specific formatting, such as active topic sentences, closing questions and eye catching headers use editors to reinforce these specifications. Editors also are responsible for cleaning up any weird phrasing or grammatical errors. Linguistic lapses are inevitable, and it’s the editor’s job to maintain a professional blogging reputation.

Seek an SEO Ninja

It is crucial to find an SEO for your company and blog. This quick and precise teammate will come in the clutch with highlighting key words, categorizing and tracking your blog’s numbers on Google Analytics. You want this professional to be well versed in SEO language and criteria, as well as extremely cognoscente of how your blog affects your website. It would also be cool if your optimizer could throw ninja stars***

What do you look for in a blogging team?