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Holy Social TrinityLet me dangle a phrase in front of you: 36 million page views. I know what you’re thinking; there’s no way you can attain such an accomplishment without drugging a child at a dental appointment or critically injuring yourself while dancing to Beyonce.

Well, Soshable, a Social Media blog, politely disagrees. In fact, they’ve offered some great tips on generating more attention to your website by using social media.

Use the Social Trinity:

  1. Identify all points of exposure for your digital assets.
  2. Identify all points of private contact.
  3. Study popular sections and past successful campaigns launched on the digital network.

Sounds simple, right? Think of points of digital exposure as any time your name or contact information is displayed on the web (a Twitter update, Facebook wall post, etc.) as opposed to private contacts, like emails and Facebook messages.

And obviously, you’re gonna have to think critically (it might hurt), to gauge whether past campaigns and marketing strategies and prior points of exposure and contact have been beneficial.

Don’t worry; we’ll insert number 4 for you: Take a nap.

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