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Pizza + Social MediaYes, sometimes it’s just too difficult to pick up the phone. Or so it would seem to Domino’s Pizza UK, who now report that online orders make up 32.7 percent of their business. After all, if you can buy a new car or find a date for Saturday night online, why couldn’t you order a pizza?

And who better to thank for 29 percent – or $26 million – more profit? Why social media of course (we’re not just blowing smoke around here). Domino’s credits its online business to its resources in social media – namely Foursquare and Facebook.

The possibilities!

First Starbuck’s, then Domino’s – next maybe your business will reap the social media rewards.

You should celebrate with pizza. While you’re enjoying that, you can read more of this article here.


Headline: Pizza + Social Media = Profit (with cheese)
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