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Seth Godin25 Lessons from the guru of marketing, Seth Godin.

  1. Have a bunch of good runs before the sun sets.
  2. Be remarkable.
  3. Success is a skill.
  4. Being the best is the best place to be.
  5. Be missed.
  6. Everybody is an expert about something.
  7. Success is a hierarchy.
  8. Don’t do A as a calculated tactic to get B.
  9. Be in it for the long haul.
  10. Quit the right things and lean into the right Dips.
  11. Decide if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur.
  12. It’s like walking through a maze.
  13. Everyone is not your customer.
  14. Feed, grow, and satisfy the tribe.
  15. Small is the new big.
  16. Find the new scarce.
  17. It’s the FREE PRIZE INSIDE.
  18. The third century is about ideas.
  19. Spread your ideas.
  20. Don’t wait for perfect.
  21. Don’t get paid to alter your behavior.
  22. The goal of reading is to choose what to change.
  23. The world changes whether you like it or not.
  24. The game of marketing has changed.
  25. Feed, grow, and satisfy your business.
Headline: Insights From Seth Godin
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